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English 4

No description

Yumin Park

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of English 4

Clear cutting forests

exposed surface


polluted rivers

Too much organic material

decomposing bacteria require more oxygen

higher BOD (biological oxygen demand)

oxygen deprived rivers

DEAD RIVERS Extraction Trees Water Rock 1. scarcity
3.disadvantages Mina, Li En, Wesley, Edward, William Pollution
Inequality in access Mining Petroleum Extraction What is extraction? What happened? How does it happen? Negative impacts Solutions?? - Implantation
- Community forestry Why wouldn't we stop? Most valuable resources 'Need = requirement' Loss of forest cost > loss of economic growth Bill Cook, "Success and failure of entire civilization" Do those really help? $$$ Loss of habitat Deforestation Too dry Can't fulfill the job of forest!! Getting at the ore GEOLOGICAL material Merchandise = Open-pit mining What happened? How does it happen? US Federal Law - General Mining Act Negative impact Release toxic material (Cyanide)
Workers benefit exploited All U.S. citizens have the right to mine Encourage MINING 1872 Why wouldn't we stop? Water: a limited and valuable resource Pollution Scarcity Renewable sources Trees & Water Non-renewable sources Rock & Petroleum Extinction Global warming (Green Kirkland partnership 2013) (University of Twente 2013) (Earth – Forest Wallpaper n.d) (National Environmental Educational Foundation 2013) (National Native Title Tribunal 2009) (Baez 2010) (eHow n.d.) (Israeli bulldozers destroy more Palestinian farm land on West Bank 2011) (Schwartz 2012) PROFIT ! However... INCREASING DEMAND of METALS scarcity
pollution scarcity oil is being depleted more quickly than the agency had estimated 'we have to leave oil before oil leaves us'-dr.Birol Disadvantages disease &health problem Why wouldn't we stop? "Australia would be broke without mining" (Comitatus 2010) (United States flag map – United States maps n.d.) (Iron ore 2007) (Platinum rings created to fit everyone 2013) (Earthswork 2004) Conflict minerals Coltan and Diamond 5 analytical questions 1. 'Mining should be restricted in Australia.' To what extent do you agree with this view? 2. Why should we conserve water if it is renewable source? 3. What policy can the government implement regarding to petroleum? 4. After looking at negative impacts and the reasons why we cannot just stop the deforestation, what will be the best solutions that we can adapt? Why? 5. What can we do to discourage the conspicuous consumption on luxury goods such as diamond in order to avoid the civil wars fueled by conflict minerals in Africa? Baez, J 2010, Diary – January 2010. Available from: <http://math.ucr.edu/home/baez/diary/january_2010.html>. [25/05/2013].
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Reichardt, C n.d., Heap leaching and the water environment – does low cost recovery come at a high environmental cost?. Available from: <http://www.imwa.info/docs/imwa_2008/IMWA2008_008_Reichardt.pdf>. [29/04/2013].
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How profitable is mining? 2010, Crikey. Available from: <http://blogs.crikey.com.au/pollytics/2010/06/15/how-profitable-is-mining/>
Wenews,SEXUAL VIOLENCE IN THE CONGO 2009, .Available form <http://www.webcitation.org/5v1Bd15JZ>[27/4/13]
TIME,First Blood Diamonds, Now Blood Computers? 2009, Available from<http://www.webcitation.org/5v1B1lxV6>[28/4/13]
The new york times,Congo’s Riches, Looted by Renegade Troops,2008, available from <http://www.webcitation.org/mainframe.php>[27/04/13] 1.Four f of forest:food,fodder,fiber and fuel
2.Clear cutting:aggressive logging that removes all the trees in an area.
3.Deforestration diesel: another name for bio fuel - forests are cleared to grow palm and other oil crops.
4.community forestry:promising model of forest management
5.Water footprint:calculates the total volume of fresh water used for goods and services produced.
6.composing toilet:preserving our water from contamination and turning a would-be pollutant and health hazard into a valuable soil additive.
7.Virtual water:the amount of water embedded in food or other products based on how much water was needed to extract and produce that item.
8.water scarcity:a condition in which the demand for water outstrips the supply.
9.Soft path:soft path solution include improved technology,improved conservation, and truely democratic.
10.Nonrenewable:unlike renewable source such as tree and water.
11.open pit:chopping down trees and clearing off the land's inhabitants.
12:Dirty metal:a report by Earthworks and Oxfam America
13.Conflict mineral:the term for valuable rocks that fuel violent conflict
14.Coltan figerprints:database allows an internation certification system to be established for coltan.
15.Peak oil:the point at which we've used more oil than what's left available to us because of technological and geological limitations.
16.Ken Saro - Wiwa:leader of MOSOP (the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People),
17.At the front end, At the Back End, In our hearts and minds:the three places we can change the system so it uses fewer natural resources.
18. Resource curse:paradox that many places with valuable, nonrenewable resources like forests,metals, and minerals wind up as impoverished nonconteders in the global economy, with their citizens often left hungry and sick. Bio-fuel Paper Farm Major consumers Less than 1000m³/person/ year

1/3 of the world faces water stress

1/6 people do not have access to safe drinking water

Hinders industrial, urban, tourism and agricultural development Inequality in Access Emerging conflicts

Privatisation of water systems by giant multinational companies Solutions? What happened? Civil wars, violence conflict oil peak- used more than what's left available How does it happen? -Profit of selling conflict minerals -Armies and armed groups need huge money to run Conflict occurs, citizens are kidnapped to mine Negative impact The peak of oil discoveries was in 1965, and oil production per year has surpassed oil discoveries every year since 1980 -the human rights of citizens were harmed -Civil wars keep happening -Natural environment is affected by over-mining Why wouldn't we stop ? -Huge demand for Diamond in the world. -There are many warloads in Africa. - Coltan is an essential element to produce electronic products Solutions -Buy less diamonds -Reuse and recycle electronic >40 elements (copper, tin etc.) Really? Writer's claim Foreign exchange income Open pit mining is pure 10% of gross income of all service MINING SUPPORTS AUSTRALIA However... Government tax income Mining Concern:
Health risk
Worker's benefit A new perspective Oil consumption rate continuesly goes up sharply Why does it happen? How important is oil? Transportation -make our life convenient -increase living pace -make the economy grow -Increase social development -improve cultural exchange Oil production One of the major resources violate environmental standard destroy area life contamination of a water body that causes adverse changes global warming Non-renewable limited fast depleting Why? demand > supply Cyanide heap leach pad construction at the Hycroft/Crowfoot mine, Nevada. Open-pit mines in US A Blackberry cell phone (Leonard 2010) Pollution Pollution of extracting oil PHysicly:physical contamination and smothering chemically: exhaust -toxic chemicals
-harmful by-products --Irreversible damage to the adjoining environment Further effects Destroy wildlife Immoral Health problem -skyrocketing rates of cancer -severe reproductive problem Pollution of consuming oil Global warming oil Burnng release carbon dioxide (Jacobs 2011) Attention!!!!!!!! (Trade at a Glance 2011) Replacement for oil!!!!!!! EVIL Solar & wind power Petro-based - as scientist and business leaders agree carbohydrate-meterial --David Morris man-made plastic lubricant bomb soap dye meterial (Heber 2013) (ELIZABETH DIAS,2009) (Martin Creamer 2012) (LYDIA POLGREEN,2008) (Dominique Soguel 2009) asphalt raisethehammer.com Association of Transportation Law Professionals Lanxess.com www.pcauto.com.cn flickr.com
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