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Gebser v. Lago Vista Independent School District

No description

Myka Wiebe

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Gebser v. Lago Vista Independent School District

Gebser v. Lago Vista
Independent School District

Case accepted for review: December 5, 1997

Oral Argument Heard: March 25, 1998
Decision released: June 22, 1998
Ms. Gebster was a student of Mr. Waldrup
They first met through Mr. Waldrup wife, who, was Ms. Gebser's 8th grade teacher
Facts about the case:
how they met
Mr. Waldrup singled Ms. Gebser out for flattery and made
numerous suggestive remarks to her in private and in
front of other students.
How did it start?
What happened after that?
In the Spring of 1992, Mr. Waldrup visited
Ms. Gebster at her home when her parents
were away. He took advantage of the student
by kissing and fondling Ms. Gebster. Soon after
this incident, Mr. Waldrup began a
sexual relationship with Ms. Gebster
that included numerous acts of
sexual intercourse.
...the school district had severely cut back the Gifted and Talented
Program, in which Ms. Gebser participant. Mr. Waldrup offered to
Ms. Gebser, with the school district's consent, one-on-one
instruction in advanced course work. Oftentimes, these "classes" were mere fronts for Mr. Waldrup to
continue his sexual relationship with
Ms. Gebser.
Around this TIME...
Ms. Gebser believed that if she were to report their relationship, then she would lose Mr. Waldrup as her instructor and her only opportunity for an honors education.
Why didn't Ms. Gebser say anything?
Mr. Waldrup's behavior was finally discovered in January, 1993 when police caught the two engaged in sexual activity
Ms. Getser filed suit against the school district in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas, claiming that the school district violated her rights under Title IX.
"Until Congress speaks directly on the subject, [w]e will not
hold a school district liable in damages under Title IX for a
teacher's sexual harassment of a student absent notice and
deliberate indifference."
According to the Supreme Court:
Implications this case may have on the teaching profession
That teachers are wrongfully taking advantage of their students.
Those teachers think they can get away with this type of behavior.
All and all it looks bad for those teachers who respect their jobs and their profession!
At the time of the first suggestive remarks!
...she should have told someone either her
parents or a counselor at the school!
How could this problem been avoided?
She could have stop this whole thing if
she had someone she could trust or a
program at school where she felt
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