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New Product Development

Jose Rohaidy

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Pizza

MAR 6833 Pizzadilla Schwan Company Pizza Project New Product Development Research Process Mobile
Fun to Eat
Not a Meal. Prototyping Recommendation Positioning Statement Target Group:
Hosts of Group Gatherings
Consumers Between 18-44
Convenience in Serving Snacks Implementation Plan Positioning in the Main Stream Market For the party host who wants to serve their guests an exciting appetizer without having to stress, the Pizzadilla brings the fiesta wherever it goes. Compared to chips and dip, Pizzadillas are a blast! Product Variations Flour and Corn
Possible Product Line Extension Market Entry Strategy The Pizzadilla as an Appetizer A Series of Iterations Based on Customer Feedback... Modified Market Penetration Idea Generation: Price: $4.99 (Stores Only)
Individual Store Discounts Distribution Use Already Existing Distribution System
Possible Home Delivery in the Future The Pizzadilla Needed to be Repositioned. Brainstorming Session:
Pizza Bread
Pizza Sandwich
Pizza Dessert (Ice Cream in Form of Pizza)
Frozen Pizza Quesadillas
Pita Pizza Problems with Pizza Prototypes
Surveys Experiments: When Cooking Frozen Pizza, it Does Not Cook Evenly.
The Plastic Bag Looks Bad.
Toppings are Not Evenly Distributed.
Frozen is Not Equal to Fresh.
Pizza Does Not Look Fresh. Experiment 2 Experiment 1 October 4, 2012 Financials Experiment 3 Survey Results Multifunctional Packaging Prototype 1:
30 College Students
Asked What, When and Where
Hypothesized: Personal Meal Results:
"Less messy", "Less greasy"
BUT "Not Pizza-i.e."
Not a Meal, Snack/Appetizer Pivot! Prototype 2
20 College Students
Testing Smaller Size
Hypothesized: Appetizer Results
"Delicious" "Perfect" BUT "Where's the dressing?"
Understood Concept Proceed! Survey
100 People, Mainly College Students
Testing Repositioning Concept
Hypothesized as a Substitute Appetizer Results
82% of Respondents Would Serve the Product as a Party Appetizer Cardboard
Foil lined top
Micro or Oven
Holds four Pizzadillas Currently Served Appetizers:
Chips and Dip, Veggies, Cheese and Crackers, Pizza Bites, Chicken Fingers/ Wings, Egg Rolls, Peppers, Baked Goods, Shrimp, Small Sandwiches, Fruit Survey (Results in Order of Importance) 1. Spillage
2. Representative 3. Interpretable Instructions
4. Fits in Freezer 5. Green Launch New Frozen Appetizer: Pizzadilla! Average Sales in 2007: Between $1.2 and $625
12.8% Spent on Food/Groceries
22.9% Spent on Processed Foods Position Against Chips and Salsa, Other Party Appetizers. Categorize Under the Red Barron Line.
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