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Havana Brown

No description

Cindy Luu

on 7 March 2017

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Transcript of Havana Brown

The Havana Brown Cat
Havana Brown
The Havana Brown is a shorthair as well as a hybrid between the Siamese, Russian Blue, and the domestic black cat.
Defining Characteristics
- Color
The Havana Brown, as the name indicates, is a cat with a fully brown coat unlike other breeds.
( Cont'd)
- Care
The Havana Brown requires care like any other living thing, but it is not a high maintenance breed. Little grooming is required, for the Havana generally maintains good health and hygiene. This breed has a low tendency to develop many health issues, however it is still crucial for owners to take actions to prevent them from occurring.
Felidae Felis catus
- Behavior
The Havana Brown is a playful, affectionate, inquisitive, and quite intelligent breed. Although many cats tend to be aloof, this breed enjoys plenty of interaction and attention from it's owner and interacts well with children, dogs, and other cats.
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