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Adolph Dassler The man who started Adidas

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Jen Peters

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Adolph Dassler The man who started Adidas

The Founders of Adidas
Adolph and Rudolph Dassler Where it all began... In Germany of the year 1920 at the age of 20 Adolph and his brother Rudolph invented the first spiked shoes for track and field.
Four years later their company was named Gebruder Dassler OHG. Adi was an avid soccer player and by 1925 were making leather 'Fubballschuhe' that had nailed studs. Also the track and field shoes now were made with hand-forged spikes. 1928 was when the the business took off by their shoes being
presented in the Olympics in Amsterdam. The shoe company
was gaining a worldwide reputation. Jesse Owens won golf for the USA during the
Berlin Olmpics while wearing a pair of Dassler's track shoes. Dassler held over 700 patents relating
to athletic gear and shoes by the time of his death in 1959. A good set number for this quest for perfection. 1948 Rudi and Adi split up. Adolph renamed the company combining portions of his name.
1970's Adidas was the top athletic shoe brand sold.
1971 Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier both wore adidas boxing shoes in thie "Fight of the Century" A huge accomplishment came from the company
in the 1972 Munich Olympic Games official suppliers. Adidas began to 'take out the little guys'. In 2004 they bought Valley Apparel Company which was a company that held licenses to supply more than 140 U.S. college athletic teams. Making progress abruptly in 2005 Addidas announced
they were purchasing Reebok, another big competitor. Currently, Adidas is ranked second in worldwide sales which Nike holds the firts place spot. Adi had a vision that he wanted to achieve. He wanted to provide every athlete with the best footwear. Adi held a respected discipline and commitment to his company. Only in a few years later in the Mid 1930's Adi was making thirty different shoes for eleven sports. By this time he had already grown to have a workforce of over 100 emploees. After the rough time of WWII Adi had to make a fresh start. In 1947 he had about 50% of his previous workforce. Adi Dassler came up with the unforgetable three stripes logo in 1949. Dassler was the first to make a post-war sports shoes by using canvas and rubber from American fuel tanks A breakthrough for Adidas in 1954 came
from Germany winning the Soccer World
Cup while wearing shoes made with screw-in-studs. Adi wanted and lived to specialize and optimize his products.
Dassler was the first entrepreneur to use sports promotion which now has become a huge success. By the 1960's adidas grew by producing apparel for sports and competitions. 1989 adidas was transformed into a corporation. The guiding principle for adidas was to produce
top products in top quality. In 1991 Adidas started to sale equipment. Adi was very passionate about sports himself. He would personally contact sports participants and was even present in person at important sports events. He was everywhere. Adi would promote and aggressively try to reach to the public. Quality, style, and reputation are a few great attributes that
were able to come from this company through the vision of Adi Dassler. Adidas is now selling in 200 different
countries and is still growing. 1994 Adidas totaled 3 billion dollars worth of sales. In 1992 Adidas grew towards a niche involving younger ages with the big outburst of streetball.
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