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ASCD: Digital Footprints - Your Students' New First Impression

No description

Steve Johnson

on 24 March 2012

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Transcript of ASCD: Digital Footprints - Your Students' New First Impression

Digital Footprints:
Your Students' New First Impression What is a digital footprint? Footprints? Tattoos? ASCD Session - Steve Johnson - 3:00-4:30
Today's Session Who am I? Steve Johnson
Email: edtechsteve@gmail.com
Twitter: edtechsteve
Session Link:
http://bit.ly/ASCD-DF-Prezi Teacher Daddy Author Tech Dude JN Fries Magnet / NCVPS / Other Who are You? If interested, I have
some for sale :) As you come in, if you are able to access the Internet with phone/laptop/tablet, please take a minute to complete this short survey: http://bit.ly/ASCD-DF Question: What words pop into your head when you think about students posting to the Internet? Why? First Impressions Opportunity Knocks Examples?
http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2851282/Digital%20Footprints.mp4?dl=1 Download Link: How? Brain Break! Reflections / Ideas Full
Disclosure BKEWorld: http://bkeworld.com Don't "teach", immerse What stuck? Consumption --> Creation http://teachertechvids.com Short tutorial videos on lots of digital tools that focus on collaboration, creation, and publication Digital Portfolios
Published/Public Online
Opened up for comments
Reflective / Students justify choices
Allow pulling/embedding of digital creation tools
Students need to take it with them! http://bit.ly/ASCD-BrainBreak Eraseable
History- where we've been
Where you're going
young or old- foot size
What you've been doing
Who you've been doing it with
-Self expression
-Painful to remove
-Addictive- once you get one
you want to express more
-Perception -Bullying in high school
students posting from a real person's persona
-Police got involved- revoked access until adulthood
-NJ Lawmakers - putting together law about employers requiring access to FB/social media accounts
-laws are changing to reflect the times we live in
-fake Facebook pages by students
-30-second fights- on school grounds, in school uniforms...- can relate directly to school consequences
-the negative stuff goes viral and turns physical
-Rate my professor - The laws that are being created- are they seeking educator input? How many states are moving this way? Could this move in a federal direction? Supreme Court cases? How can we better address the causes rather than the effects?
-Connections can be made over distances and time- -Participating in yearbook- working together to create- outlet for your passion
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