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Mensensmokkel Mirjam 31 mei Eurojust

No description

Warner ten Kate

on 20 June 2018

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Transcript of Mensensmokkel Mirjam 31 mei Eurojust

May 31, Eurojust
National Public Prosecutor's office
National approach
International approach
Police-police cooperation (Europol, Interpol)

Mutual legal assistance (Eurojust)

Parallel research

Joint Investigation Team (JIT)

LO Network

- (flexible) KMAR and Police Liaison Officers

- Liaison Magistrate in Rome (Hester van Bruggen)

- Flexible Liaison Magistrate (Warner ten Kate)

Migrant Smuggling
National and International approach
Barrier model
Best practise
Human smuggling
Article 197a penal code
Directive 2002 / 90 / EC
UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime

Not primary aiming on exploitation

Being helpful to access or transit through the Netherlands

At least cross-border

Barrier model
Koninklijke Marechaussee / Border Police
Public Prosecutor's Office
Expertise-centre human trafficking and human smuggling

Dutch view and overview of challenges & possible solutions
Focus on Central and Eastern Mediterranean route
Central route
Sudan Libya Italy
Eastern Mediterranean route
Greece Serbia Bulgaria Austria Romania
Hungary Albania (Turkey)
Actively looking for cooperation by visiting the countries concerned (National Public Prosecutor)
Participation in meetings
Empact Illegal Immigration (KMAR, Police and Prosecutor's office)

Sharing information through operational meetings such as:

Catania (april 2018, Central route)
Potsdam (march 2018, Eastern route)

Dismantling and disrupting criminal networks

Discouraging smuggling to NL and EU by:

increasing the probability of being caught
seize financial gain

Preventing inhumane conditions
(several cases of exploitation of Syrian migrants have occurred)


To form a single contact point on a tactical level for (international) partners

Allocate and ensure expertise-functionality

Allocate monitoring and coordination

Specific training and education

Assuming ownership on the fight against human smuggling
Focus on the international fight against the organized crime behind human smuggling
Investing in the international information position concerning human smuggling

Scope for innovation and initiatives of alternatives methods of investigation

Enforcing the upstream disruption
Carrying out police-tasks on Schiphol airport and other airports

Provide assistance and cooperate with the police, in particular with cross-border criminality

Control and carrying out police tasks at border crossing points

Combat human smuggling and travel document fraud

Monitoring compliance with Act of Foreigners

Investigate the position of foreigners under residence law

Fight against crime such as human smuggling
A single information point to create a National view on the nature and extent of the issue(s)
Specialised Prosecutors in each region

Six annual meetings

Participation of partners such as Immigration Authority, Inspectorate of Social Affairs, Police etc.
Important hub in the international smuggling routes

Diversion due to interventions in Calais

Hoek van Holland to Harwich + Killingholm (daily)

Rotterdam Europoort to Killingholm (3x per week)

DFDS Seaways
Vlaardingen to Felixstowe + Immingham (daily)

P&O Ferries (Rotterdam Europoort) to Hull (dagelijks)

Cobelfret Ferries te Rotterdam Botlek to Purfleet + Killingholm
(6x per week)

Ferry Services
mr. Mirjam Blom
Public Prosecutor AP Rotterdam
Operation Upwey/Halifax
Judicial and law enforcement authorities from Belgium, Bulgaria, France, the Netherlands and the UK, supported by Eurojust and Europol,
took action early today against a Europe-wide organised criminal group (OCG).

The OCG is suspected of facilitating unlawful immigration from countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan and Vietnam into the European Union in breach of immigration law. The OCG is also suspected of money laundering. The OCG is believed to have transported migrants in specially adapted vehicles, passing through Bulgaria, Belgium, France and the Netherlands, with the final destination being the UK.

Investigations into the OCG began in 2016 in the UK and the Netherlands, and links were detected to the other three Member States.
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