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Seminar at LUT, March 25th 2013

Daniela Zamora

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Thesis

KMS BA KNOWLEDGE Intellectual Capital Relational capital OUC Firm Daniela Zamora Azofeifa
Knowledge creation to facilitate organizational innovativeness Online communities in the game sector: Product Processes Service Marketing Innovations How knowledge from Online User Communities can facilitate organizational innovativeness?

Scope: Game firms in Finland. Online User Communities data applied to create knowledge. Organizational innovativeness in the marketing sector

Objective: Describe the knowledge creation from Online User Communities to generate knowledge and apply to innovations Bi-directional Marketing Approach Firm Consumers Investors (Neogames Research, 2011) Initial investors & 2nd/3rd Round of investors Get Customers INPUT Process Output Model used by Game Firms Empirical Data Collection Firm X SuperCell Confidential name and contact
will be disclose by May. (startup about to launch an online game) "Supercell studies its analytics carefully" Video game development company
Founded in June 2010
Aims at new kinds of online games Carried interviews 3 interviews with Co founder of Firm X 1 interview with Miikka Lyytikäinen CEO, co-founder at Pulma Games
Chairman of the board at Finnish Game Developers Association
CEO, Shareholder, Founder ad Aniway Ltd. 1 scheduled interview with Joakim Achrén Responsible for all analytics development at Supercell

Architect of the big data infrastructure that Supercell uses

Designed the analytics for both Hay Day and Clash of Clans (released June and August 2012)

Managing metrics related to player acquisition, engagement and
monetization 1 interview pending scheduled with representative of marketing in SuperCell Thank you! Multiple case study Insight of the Finnish Game Industry Insight of the technologies applied
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