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Human Impact of the Environment and Biodiversity

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Michelle Renner

on 12 October 2015

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Transcript of Human Impact of the Environment and Biodiversity

Human Impact on the Environment
and Biodiversity

Characteristics of
Many Endangered Species
What is it? And why is it important?
Habitat Loss

Ms. Renner's Biology Class
Ecosystems Unit

What are some examples of ways human negatively impact wildlife and the environment?
“The decline of Earth’s biodiversity is an unintended consequence of multiple factors that have been enhanced by human activity. They can be summarized by the acronym
, with the order of the letters corresponding to their rank in destructiveness.”
~E.O. Wilson, "The Creation"

Greatest reason for biodiversity loss.

Habitat loss is due to:
of natural areas to farms, houses, etc
of ecosystems by human activities, housing, transportation, agriculture etc.
of genetic diversity and complex ecosystems by planting/selecting monocultures.

Natural History
Dimension 1
Science and Engineering Practices
1. Asking questions and defining problems
2. Developing and using models
3. Planning and carrying out investigations
4. Analyzing and interpreting data
5. Using mathematics and computational thinking
6. Constructing explanations and designing solutions
7. Engaging in argument from evidence
8. Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating
How can we protect biodiversity and the environment?
Examples of pollution caused by human activity that have negative effects on biodiversity:
Oil spills
Acid deposition
Greenhouse gases
Human Agricultural Waste






Human Population
6.8 billion and counting.
The expansion of human population and affluence, especially in the developing world, harms natural ecosystems.

Overuse, Overexploitation
Overhunting, overfishing, destructive harvesting practices (cyanide, dynamite), illegal trade, exotic pet industry

Low reproductive rate (biotic potential)
Feed at high trophic levels (apex predator)
Large body size
Specialized feeding habits
Specialized nesting and/or breeding areas
Fixed migratory patterns
Found in one place or region
Negative human interactions (attacks on people or livestock)
Commercially valuable

Invasive Species
Invasive species introduced from elsewhere outcompete native species because they:
Have no natural predators
Colonize disturbed habitats quickly
Have a high biotic potential (r-species)

Let's Look at
So Cal Example
Habitat Loss
, including human-induced climate change

Invasive species
(harmful non-natives, including predators, diseases and predators, that displace native species)
- Human overpopulation, a root cause of other four factors
Overharvesting, Overuse
(hunting, fishing, gathering)
is the variety of life at all structural levels:
1) genetic
2) species
3) ecosystem

Biodiversity provides us with:
Natural Resources: food, water, wood, energy, and medicines
Environmental Services: air and water purification, soil fertility, waste disposal, pest control
Aesthetic pleasure
Local Mountain Lions are Making International News
Type: Mammal, Feline
Diet: Carnivore
Size from Head and Tail: 6 - 8 ft
Weight: 136 lbs
Natural History
Found throughout the Americans
Has resulted in 100s of names - puma, cougar, catamount, etc

Threats to Their Survival
Habitat Fragmentation - Freeways and Urbanization
What are some ways to help reduce human impact on the local mountain lion population?

Think - Pair - Share
Think Box
Impacts of Habitat Fragmentation
Mortality due to automobile collisions
Inbreeding (loss of genetic diversity)
Threats to Their Survival
Pollution - Rodenticide
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