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Different Body Parts Animals Use & Animal Adaptation

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jhaya javier

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Different Body Parts Animals Use & Animal Adaptation

Complete each sentence. Write the correct word on the blank. Choose from the word in the box.
What body part do animals use to get their food?
Animals Adaptation
Animals use their body parts to survive in their environment. Animals have different adaptations or natural ways of coping with environment in order to survive.
Thank you!
Different Body Parts Animals Use
Animal Adaptations

bill tongue teeth tentacles
1. A frog uses its ________ to catch a fly.

2. An octopus catches a crab with its long ________.

3. A hummingbird sticks its long, slender ________ to suck nectar from a flower.

4. A tiger crushes the neck of its prey with its sharp ________.
Animals that fly have wings that help them move from one place to another such as..
There are also bird that cannot fly. They run or walk to move.
Some animals walk and run in the wild. They use their strong legs to go to places.
A kangaroo uses its leg to jump.
A cheetah uses its strong legs to run very fast.
A snake pushes its body to crawl on the ground.
Some animals crawl. They use their body to push themselves on the ground.
Most animals, especially carnivores, use their teeth to tear their food.
Dog and Cat
Crocodile and Tiger
Crocodiles and tigers have strong and sharp teeth that they use in getting and tearing their food.
Dogs and cats have pointed teeth to cut their food.
They have flat teeth to chew tough plant parts.
Cows, Goats, Giraffe & Horse
Other animals use their flexible tongue to snatch food.
It uses its thin and sticky tongue to get its food.
A stag beetle bearing large pincerlike mandibles.
A butterfly has a tube-like mouth part called proboscis that used to suck nectar
A hummingbird uses its bill to suck nectar.
An octopus uses its tentacles in getting food.
Different Body Parts Animal Use
Animals use their body for protection.
Scales, Shells & Spines
A puffer fish has sharp spines on its body. When threatened, the puffer fish fills up its stomach with water which causes sharp spines to stand.
Mimic Octopus
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