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What is more important: National Security or Privacy

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Ashlie Rodriguez

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of What is more important: National Security or Privacy

What is more important?
National security

Whats more important?
Is privacy more important then our own safety?

National Security
National security is more important because it is used for our protection. Our safety is more important than our privacy.
We are fine with putting all of our information about our personal lives on the internet but some feel like their privilages are taken away from the NSA ,WHICH are just trying to help us for our protection.

What would the people that don't think the surveillance is worth risking privacy say?
What if there was an attack?
Who would they blame for not protecting the country?
57% believe that the surveillance programs wouldnt change the chance of having terrorist attacks

30% think that since the program was leaked it will weaken the governments attemps of stopping terrorism.
“If it’s individuals they’re suspicious of, then it’s fine, but a blatant just ‘get all the records’ is just not right because of individual privacy,”
National security is a code word for tribalism,strong loyalty to one's own tribe, party, or group, and human rights(privacy) is a code word for rule os law, also known as a nomocracy. Which means a system of government based on a legal code.
Now let me ask again.....

Is security more important then privacy?
Is the surveillance program worth the risk of loosing alittle bit of privacy?
What do YOU think?
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