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My dream vacation

No description

Jai-Anna B

on 19 May 2016

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Transcript of My dream vacation

to DisneyLand
If I ever did go to DisneyLand I would bring my Mom, brother, my aunt and uncle and my two cousins. also four of my best school friend who are in grade 5 and of corse ME!!!!
we would spend 1 week there. also we would go on a private jet and fly their, if anyone is unable to come onto the jet i will buy them a first class ticket on a public plane and they can sit besides whoever they want.
for all of us to go it would cost about $2 036 577.25 witch means that everyone would each have to pay $ 185 143.38 and if anyone wants to go anywhere else once we are done our trip will do a vote.
food park hotel transport entrance extra

602.25 $602.25 $625 $15400 $2000450 $16500 $3000
$2036577.25 / 11= $185143.38 ea

My dream vacation
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