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Front Desk Training

No description

Rudy Redhawk

on 19 September 2016

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Transcript of Front Desk Training

Front Desk Training
What we will be covering...
Job duties + responsibilities + expectations
Important dates to remember
Wade Bird, Assistant Director of International Admissions
Salesforce, Appointments, Tour Sign in, Extended Visits
Application process (Freshman + Transfer)
Important Dates to Remember
FQ 2015
Saturday, September 17th -
All Staff Training
Thursday, September 30th - training with Render Consultants

Saturday, October 29th

- Fall Preview Day #1
Saturday, November 19th
- Fall Preview Day #2,
Tuesday, November 15th
- Early Action Deadline, Sullivan Leadership Award Application Deadline
Sunday, January 15th - Regular Decision Deadline
Saturday, January 21st
- Sullivan Leaders Day

Application Process- Freshmen
Campus Tours
Counselor Appointments
During the year, campus tours are offered Monday through Friday (10AM, and 2PM) and on Saturdays at 10AM and 12PM.
Tours should be split if there are more than 15 people signed up for the tour.
Before a tour:
Welcome visitors and family immediately as they walk into the office.
Ask for student's first and last name and mark them as 'attended' on the Salesforce calendar.
Offer directions to bathroom, community room (where group presentations are held), coffee if they arrive early, etc.
After a tour:
Set out folders for the tour guide(s).
Offer visitors the business cards of their admissions counselor.
Offer visitors t-shirts.
Provide visitors with directions, suggestions of places to eat, etc.
Offer meal vouchers to prospective students.
Before scheduling appointments (or approaching a counselor with questions), make sure to ask the student the following questions:
1. What is their name and student ID # (or date of birth)?
2. Is the student a prospective freshman or transfer?
3. What is the student's intended major?
4. A short summary of their questions.
ALL transfer students go to Gwen Jackson (last names A-M) and Noelle Rollins (last names N-Z).
We are a Common Application school.

The application can be accessed through our Seattleu.edu

website or (preferably) refer them to the Common App website.
A non-refundable application fee of $55.
Official high school transcripts.
Official ACT or SAT reports (can be listed on your high school transcript).
We superscore SAT and ACT scores.
One teacher recommendation and secondary school report.
Washington State Running Start students must also submit their official college transcripts (once confirmed for admissions).
they are walk-ins, then they go to the COD)

Counselor Appointments
Extended Visits (2)
See your manual for how to schedule extended visits.
All front desk employees will be planning extended visits, Kelly is the ambassador manager in charge of distributing the requests among front desk staff.

Extended visits will begin on October 3rd this year.
We require visitors to register for Extended Visits
at least
2 weeks in advance.
Each student is assigned to an Ambassador -- you can check your assigned visits through Salesforce (we will show you how to do this).

You should

a 'paper trail'/take notes throughout the whole progress of you planning a visit. For the first two weeks CC Tamara on all email communication.
Daily Office Duties
Greet visitors and answer questions
Check students in for campus tours
Schedule Appointments for Counselors
Work on Extended Visits
Check visit inbox
Fold T-shirts
Make tour folders
Check messages at back desk/front desk
Check admissions inbox (
Val is out)

Our office is designed to be open, but we should still make sure that we know who is walking through the doors and be consistent about only allowing staff members to walk to the back.
Don't be afraid to ask "Can I help you? to someone you don't recognize.
Know where the Emergency Buttons are. --underneath the desk
Customer Service
Make sure to acknowledge and welcome all visitors of the office.
: always be present and friendly.

eating meals (small snacks and water OK), using cell phones, or playing music at the front desk.
sitting on the back counter.
Be consistent with answering e-mails and voice mails in a timely manner.
Application Process-Transfer
Types of Students
Dress Code
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
A student who has never attended college, or who has earned college credits but only prior to high school graduation.
A student who has completed some college courses following high school graduation.
A student who is not a resident of the United States.
A student who wishes to take post-secondary or post-baccalaureate courses but does not intend to pursue a bachelor's degree, a certificate or fulfill prerequisites for a particular Seattle University degree program.
A student who has been absent from Seattle University for more than four consecutive quarters. This is handled through the registrar's office
Students who have already completed a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and who seek admission to complete additional undergraduate study.
Common Application or Seattle University Transfer application.

A non-refundable application fee of $55.
Not required of students who will have completed an associate's degree at a Washington, Arizona, California or Oregon state community college.

Official transcripts from each college, university or professional school attended.

List of course work in progress.

Proof of English Proficiency
(if not a Native English speaker)
TOEFL, IELTS, Michigan Test, etc.

How do I apply for the school/[
some program]

How do I apply for scholarships and/or financial aid?

Do you have information on [
so and so Major, Program, Dept., etc...

Have you received my [
some document/paperwork

Who is my admissions counselor?

What are your average GPA, SAT/ACT, etc. scores?

When will I know the decision of my application?

How do I apply for conditional admission?
No revealing, ripped, or obviously dirty clothing.

No non-SU college gear.

Always wear name tag.

Business-casual during Open-House, Fall Preview, and College Planning day events.

Assistant Director of International Admissions
Graduate Admissions
* Two Counselors--Troy and Carol
* Graduate Counselors schedule their own appointments.
* Both take walk-ins. PLEASE make sure that the walk-in fills out an appointment form. You are also able to schedule appointments for Carol on her calendar if she is available. Be sure to get as much information as possible about the student.
: Gwen [A-L] Noelle [M-Z]
Build Relationships
Our aim as Ambassadors is to model and cultivate an open and welcoming culture reflective of our community--helping prospective students see themselves as a valued members of our community.
Share Experiences
The fundamental premise of our interaction with prospective families is to provide first hand accounts of the "SU experience". Drawing on your own college search process, academic pursuits, extracurricular involvement and social interactions.
Be Professional
As the first point of contact to the outside community it is imperative that we model professionalism at all times. The way we interact with the public influences public perception!
Goals and Expectations
Campus Tour
Students can take a campus tour at 10am, or 2pm
Group Presentation or Counselor Appointment
Group presentations are only offered during certain months of the year! Everyone should be placed in a group presentation during October, unless they insists on meeting with a counselor. Group Presentations take place at 9:30am and 1:30pm
GP happen during October, February, March, April, June, July& August

Transfer students should
be in the group presentation; however, we have "Trasfer Friday's" every Friday at 11:45am
Class Visit
We have a list of approved classes. Register the student on Salesforce for the class that fits best with what they want.
Faculty Appointment
We schedule students for a 30 minute meeting with a faculty member from their intended major.
Extended Visit!!
Extended Visits
Customer Service Skills
Here are some specific skills that every Ambassador should try and master to WOW our visitors!
Knowledge of the Product
Without knowing your product front to back, you won't know how to help customers when they run into problems
Explain Yourself
Explanations are important. Customers react better and cooperate when they are informed and understand the reasons behind your questions or actions.
Ability to Read Customers
Look and listen for subtle clues about their current mood, patience level, personality, etc, and you'll go far in keeping your customers happy
Clear Communication Skills
"When it comes to important points that you need to relay clearly to customers, keep it simple and leave nothing to doubt"
from "15 Customer Service Skills that Every Employee Needs" www.helpscout.net/blog/customer-service-skills
"Great service beats fast service"
Dealing with prospective students and their families may not always be easy but our guests would rather have competent service than rushed service. Make sure that you are giving ALL of our visitors the time and attention that they deserve.
This is very important. Do not make up answers! If you don't know, ask a counselor or director. Students take your words VERY seriously.
* Set expectations--if someone will need to wait 15 minutes be sure to communicate that to them.
Remember: Personalization is Powerful! Do not treat all customers the same.
COD Counselor of the Day
What are your customers telling you without saying it?
"If the customer brings up a problem or complaint offer them a resounding YES. Don't focus on what you can't do, tell them what you can do for them"
Just say YES!
Activity: Let me tell you what I can do!
Purpose: illustrate the importance of telling people what you can do and not what you can't do
Think of something that you have asked for or has been asked of you. The ANSWER is NO! How can you focus on the positive.
See handout in manual on how to schedule counselor appointments.

Reminders: Wade does take appointments; however, we usually schedule him for 30 minute appointments.
Anyone in the office can meet with international students and transfer students.

Make sure you get the students phone number when scheduling appointments. We may need to contact the student before their appointment.
Email and Calendars
During your first shift you should request to share calendars with every staff person in the office (hint: look at the business cards at the front) This will allow you to schedule appointments.

The pathways to our public folders are:
1. Public Folders > Enrollment Services > Admissions
2. Public Folders > Enrollment Services > Admissions > Visit
5. Public Folders > University Advancement > SU Alumni Office > Room 105 (Calendar)
6. Public Folders > University Advancement > SU Alumni Office > Room 106 (Calendar)
7. Public Folders > University Advancement > SU Alumni Office > Room 107 (Calendar)
8. Public Folders > University Advancement > SU Alumni Office > Room 108 (Calendar)
9. Public Folders > University Advancement > SU Alumni Office > Room 109 (Calendar)

FERPA-Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act
FERPA technically doesn't start until students enroll at SU
Do not give out any directory information, especially admission status.
We only notify students of their admission decision via postal mail unless we receive permission from Melore!
DO NOT give out any kind of information that would identify a student.
Once you log into your email account, check the calendar to see who is COD

The COD takes all walk in appointments and/or answers questions about application materials, admissions decisions, etc. They can answer any questions that you don't know the answer to!

Before walking back to ask the COD a question, make sure to get the name and date of birth from the student.
Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)
Holds student records
We also use it for events (campus tours, extended visits, open house programs, etc)
Before accessing this program please take the FERPA training.

Wade Bird
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