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enzo dela cuesta

on 3 September 2014

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When To Use It:

1. The rule, concept, truth, principle , fact , or generalization is important enough to justify the time devoted to the lesson
2. The pupils can state the rule, fact , principle , truth, or generalization by themselves
Conditions necessary to effective induction are:
There must be a problem that can be solved by a study of many specific cases
2. The fact to be generalized must be pointed at in each case and seperated from other facts
3. There must be enough cases to make the conclusion valid
4. The generalization or rule must be carefully worded
2. Presentation
- specific cases or instances are presented to the class.

3. Comparison and abstraction
- step, the common element among the specific cases is deduced
The inductive method is in reality a discovery method. A lesson that utilizes the inductive method usually calls attention to distinct but related details that lead to the formation of a conclusion, a definition, a rule, a principle, or a formula.
The inductive method aims:
1. To help pupils discover important rules or truths for themselves through careful observation of enough specific examples that will support the generalization.

2. To make meanings, explanations, and relationships of ideas clear to pupils
3. To enable pupils to carry on investigations by themselves, independent of the teacher

- Greatest value of the inductive method lies in the fact that learns chiefly through his own activity. He observes the cases, compares them, analyzes them, and then draws his own conclusion.

of using the inductive method:
1. Whatever is learned through induction is learned throughly and retained longer
2. pupils are provided with means of solving concrete problems later;
3. pupils are trained to think logically and scientifically
4.pupils go through a method of work that is psychologically right.
of the inductive method are as follows:
It is not suited to all subject matters, as not all of what is taught has logical value.
2. Many teachers cannot master the technique because it requires much clear thinking
3. It is sometimes too lenghtly and thus tires the disciplined
4. It tends to make the lesson too formal , which is undesirable.

4. Generalization
- common fact deduced from the specific instances is stated as a generalization, a rule , a definition, principle, or formula.

5. Application
- step tests the child’s understanding of the rule or generalization just developed.
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