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Adventure Time Psych

No description

Laura Seltzer

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of Adventure Time Psych

Ice King Marceline Defense Mechanism Repression Princess Bubblegum -Cannot remember life as Simon Petrikov
-Blocks memories from Great Mushroom War
-Does not remember Marceline/transformation ~ First child
~ Rule oriented
~ Extreme tendencies
~Failed to understand candy culture Hierarchy of Needs Level 3 -Was left by fiancee, Betty
-Steals princesses
-Tries to force Finn and Jake into friendship Princess Bubblegum (PB) is princess of the Candy Kingdom -Ruler of Ice Kingdom
-Main Antagonist
-Transformed after wearing a magical crown gave him hallucinations
-Met Marceline after Mushroom War; became her friend and looked after her The Earl of Lemongrab Hierarchy of Needs Level 5 ~ Minor Character
~ First "child" of Princess Bubblegum Big Traits High: Neuroticism; Low: Agreeableness good friends (Finn, Jake,...)
accomplished in science
visits orphanages - Unstable personality
- Cannot have normal relationships (only with penguins)
- Irritated by Finn & Jake

-Untrustworthy, anti-social, menace to society - Vampire Queen
- Father doesn't really care about her emotions, only cares about his job. (ruling the Nightosphere)
- Shortly after the Mushroom War, when she was a child (may have been a thousand years ago), she met Simon Petrikov (Ice King).
- Simon was there for her. Almost like the father figure. Gave her Hambo (stuffed animal)
- When Simon turned into Ice King, he didn't remember his past. Character Background The Big Five Traits- High & Low Defense Mechanism High-Conscientiousness
Low-Neuroticism Personality Disorder Thinks clearly
Resolves bad situations well
thoughtful towards others keeps emotions in control
not very anxious or depressed Defense Mechanisms Denial PB tries to ignore the issue between her and Marceline
acts like nothing is wrong
avoids confrontation
~indifferent to the feelings of others
~unable to pick up on social cues Schizoid; Sublimation Writes songs about everything
Expresses her emotions via music Big Personality Traits High&Low High-Neuroticism
volatile emotions
can either act very strangely or normally towards others Low-Conscientiousness
very impulsive
does not always think things through Hierarchy of Needs Level 3 no true father figure
problems with Finn, Jake and Princess Bubblegum
does not want to rule the Nightosphere
Old father figure (Simon/IceKing) does not remember her Trait Theory - OCEAN Highest Trait; Neuroticism: ~ Emotionally unstable
~ Moody
~ Irritable Trait Theory - OCEAN Lowest trait; ~kindness
~good social behaviors Agreeableness: Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs: Fixated at Level 3
~needs love, belonging and friendship In Conclusion: Adler's birth order theory most accurately
defines the Earl of Lemongrab's
personality. Conclusion -The defense mechanism fits best
- Ice King truly cannot remember his past In the Video: -Ice King goes to Marceline to write a song
-Brings with him journal entries from during his transformation
-Cannot remember anything that he wrote Video Shows PB's decision making
conscientiousness Conclusion The Big Five Personality traits best describe Princess Bubblegum always thinks things through
always knows the right thing to do Hi Rachel! Pick a video!!! from the right :) -Marceline singing about Princess Bubblegum
-Emotionally unstable, full of angst Conclusion -Sublimation is seen most
-Always writing songs
-Shows her true feelings In the Video:
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