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Stormbreaker Alex Rider

No description

Nathan Shu

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Stormbreaker Alex Rider

Horowitz Nathan Shu Characters Alex Rider- Brave (because he jumped on a flag pole just to see what was inside his uncle's files), curios (because he would do such a thing just to get to his uncle's office), and intelligent (because he could learn and figure out that his uncle didn't work at a bank, and figured out that the Stormbreakers wouldn't be perfect for the world)! He is important to the story because he is sent to solve the mystery of Stormbreakers, and the story sets you up to want to let him figure it out really badly.
Herod Sayle- Clever (because he has found a way to get revenge on his school bullies but at the same time making it very very secretive), evil (because he really badly wants to kill all people of London), and mysterious (because he is very secretive about his things that he builds and uses, and doesn't really let many people know about his work). He is important to the story because he is the bad guy, and you want him to get beat really bad. Character Traits Plot Three major events Alex learns his uncle, Ian Rider is dead. But something is fishy about it. The cops said he died because he wasn't wearing a seat belt. Ian Rider never would not put on his seat belt in the car. Later on in the funeral for Ian Riders death, Alex sees one of Ian's coworkers with a gun on his belt! What was he doing with a gun? Alex is summoned to the place Ian Rider worked and learned it was a spy office! Ian Rider's office door is locked and Alex is curios to see what is in his office. He manages to get in the hard way. Out the window and through the other window. One of the workers sees him doing this and shoots him with a tranquilizer gun, and Alex passed out. When he wakes up, he finds he should go to (is almost being forced to) go to dinner with the Spy office's Boss. While at dinner the boss asks him if he would be interested in doing one report for them on Stormbreakers and Sayle Enterprises. The person who made Stormbreakers' name is Herod Sayle. He is an Multi-billionare, and Egyptian. He is giving England a present by giving every school Stormbreakers. But something is suspicious about this. Sayle has a personnel army almost. Alex is going to have to check it out.

Alex arrives to Sayle Enterprises to find a massive jellyfish in a huge tank. Then Sayle and Alex have Dinner together. Alex is sent to bed, and when he wakes up he finds a note above the bed that had a series of lines and some numbers on it. Interesting. That day he tested the Stormbreakers, and thought it was really awesome. But he had to do some snooping for the spy's too. So he wandered around until he found a dark hallway where there was a locked door at the end. He put his ear at the crack in the door and listened. He heard that something was coming tonight at 1:00am!! Then a woman called Nadia Vole caught him down there and sent him back to the Stormbreaker. Later that day Alex had dinner with Sayle. They talked about computers and stuff like that. Then when Alex was in bed, he woke up with a jolt and remembered that there was a delivery at 1:00am!!! He slipped some shoes on and got ready to leave. When he got outside that night, there were trucks moving out. He quickly hopped on one with nobody seeing. He realized the trucks were going to the beaches, so he hopped off and watched the trucks go down to the shore. A little bit later a submarine came out of the water and he recognized the person in it. It was the person who killed his uncle (he knew from the agency telling him), Yassen! They were all in a line giving boxes to the next person in front of them coming from the submarine. Then someone dropped one of the boxes, and all the sudden Yassen killed him!! Once they all finished giving boxes to one another and loading them in the trucks, Alex jumped on one of the trucks not being seen. Then he went to bed, trying to get that out of his mind. The next day, he played with the Stormbreakers, and after that went out for a walk. On his walk he stopped at the edge of a cliff. Then all the sudden two quad bikes appeared out of nowhere and charged at him. Somehow or another, he managed to run one of them into an electric fence, and get the other to back off. He rode back to Sayle industries on the quad.

Alex one day went to the library, and asked the librarian if Ian Rider had ever read one of their books. She said yes, and Alex looked at the book she showed him that Ian Rider read. It was about the Dozmary mines. When he was reading he found a map, and put the sheet of paper that he had found earlier up to it, and saw it was a route you should take from the map. Turns out also that the Dozmary mine was below Sayle Enterprises. Alex followed the map and it lead right to the water. But he figured out that at the end of the water, was the other side of the room of the locked door. So he swam until he got there. He realized that most of the computer making was under ground! Then he heard an announcement to go to the decontamination room. Oh no!!! He felt a punch, and got knocked out. Then he woke up to Sayle telling him his plans on how to take revenge on London. Then all the sudden Nadia Vole came and snatched him. Then to his surprise, she said she was going to help him escape! But Alex figured out to late that it was a trick! Nadia than released a trap door and he was in a tank with the jelly fish!! He managed to escape with a weapon they gave him that burns metal. Then he saw a plane take off and he hopped on. It was flying right to the place where Sayle was going to destroy London! He made a choice. He got a parachute and jumped out of the plane in a desperate attempt to save London. Setting and Figurative Language 3 Examples of figurative language Setting The Setting for the most part of the book takes place in Port Tallon, England. Figurative Language "The village seemed to be asleep." The author uses personification to describe how quite the city was.
"It was as if the blackness was wiping out sound as well as vision." The author uses similes to help describe the blackness.
"A tangle of pipes and cylinders, like the broiler room of a ship." The author uses similes to describe what the pipes and cylinders looked like.
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