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S. Felix Mendelsohn

No description

Simon Crane

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of S. Felix Mendelsohn

S. Felix Mendelsohn By Simon Crane My Journey S. Felix Mendelsohn was born in Starobin, Russia, in 1890. Starobin means "The Town Of 100 Rabbis". He had two brothers. His younger brother's name was Phillip. His older brother's name was Mendel. He arrived on Ellis Island in the early 1900s, when he was less than thirty years old. He had to change his last name to Mendelsohn. He knew enough German to add the "h", but not enough for an extra "s". My Life In
America [[[ When he got there, as an Orthodox Jew,
he realized that the main American Judaism was reform. He changed the way he thought into the Reform Judaism way of thinking During WWI he realized he needed a job,
so he went to HUC(Hebrew Union College)
, and became a professor there. One of his Colleagues found a great job at a new synagogue. They were looking for a Rabbi. Felix went to try out for the job, and he got it! He had become the first Rabbi of Temple Beth Israel. While working there, he wrote the
"Prayer For a Modern Jew", which
became very popular in other reform
synagogues. It was a daily prayer that
said reform jews, or any jews, can pray
whenever, and where ever, they think
suitable, or reasonable, or anywhere they
feel like it. He worked at Temple Beth Israel until he died, putting in 34 great years. Family Life Felix Married Nanette Bloom (Mendelsohn),
when they were both in their late 20s. In 1921
they had a baby boy named Herzl. Four years later,
They had a girl named Judith.
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