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Heaven Looks A Lot Like The Mall

Comp. Honors- Outside Reading Project #4

Alex Gutierrez

on 6 October 2011

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Transcript of Heaven Looks A Lot Like The Mall

heaven looks a lot like the mall
a novel by wendy mass we've all been hit by a dogeball at one point or another but imagine being knocked unconscious by a dogeball heaven looks a lot like the mall by: wendy mass Tessa
Nail Boy
Mom & Dad pub. date: November 2007
genre: fiction/narrative poetry It all started with a question: WHO ARE YOU? Gym Hospital Mall tessa ends up in a coma I watch the gym teacher yell "Stand back"
and for someone to get the school nurse.
The janitor arrives
I guess to wipe up the blood.

I know the girl on the floor, the one
with her neck bent all weird,
I know the girl is me.
But I'm too busy soaring
toward Heaven to care.

And the thing that is most surprising,
the thing you might not know,
is that in the right light,
Heaven looks a lot like the mall. Passage: This book is good for people who:
like The Christmas Carol
like deep stories about the meaning of life Will Tessa be able to find out who she is and write her essay? Or was this whole journey a waste? Read Heaven Looks A Lot Like The Mall to find out! The gym floor really made an impact!
I am grossed out by myself.
Totally grossed out.
This is not the first time
I have been horrified at my reflection,
but usually it is because of a pimple on my chin,
or my potbelly or any of the other things
Mom not-so-subtly points out at any opportunity.
Plus. I am still wearing my yellow and green
gym uniform. I do not ever wear yellow
and green in public. In fact, ever since the junior prom
last month, I've worn only black.
I am hideous. I need to lie down. Passage 2: Tessa's first trip to the mall
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