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Elements of Music

No description

megan collings

on 23 February 2016

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Transcript of Elements of Music

Elements of Music
Your Assignment
Choose a song from any genre, culture or time period. Listen to it and analyze the 8 elements of music. You must bring an audio version to class on your presentation date as well as prepare a creative way to relate what you have heard to your classmates.

You MUST include:
Timbre Rhythm Melody
Texture Harmony Dynamics
Form Text

Performing sections to prove your ideas.
Using graphics or notation.
INteractive Listening Assignment
Quality of Sound

What are the words (if there are any)?
How are the lyrics connected to the music? (ex.Angry text=loud, aggressive technique, raspy "shouting" timbre, etc.
Markings (p, f, etc.)
How does it change?
How are the dynamics created? (Adding instruments, different technique? etc.)
Thick or thin
How many moving parts are there?
Monophonic, Homophonic, Polyphonic
Use an image
Use letters (ABA)
Use words (a paragraph)
Repetition and variety
Contrast and Similarity
Chord progressions
Tonality (Major/Minor etc.)
Tempo (Speed)
Style (Swing, Straight, Samba, etc)
Repeated patterns

Stepwise (Conjunct)
Leaping (Disjunct)
Write a sample
melodic line
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