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Twilight Prezi

Theobald English 9A

Brittney Williams

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Twilight Prezi

By: Stephanie Myers Twilight Genre *Romantic *Science
Fiction Hero The heros in this story include; Edward who is the main hero and his family (the Cullens) Villian The main Villians in this story are James, Victoria, and Laurent. However, the Vultery (royalty in the vampire world) are also villians. Exposition Conflict Complications Climax Falling Action Resolution THE END Bella wants to keep her friends and dad safe, but James and the Vultery are not making it easy. Her love for Edward conquers the fact that he is a vampire. James, Victoria, and Laurent have been murdering/feasting on the people of Forks. Now that Bella knows that Edward is a vampire, this can cause her to be in danger. Edward dosen't want to hurt Bella but when the trio comes after Bella, Edward must protect her by taking care of them. James lures Bella to a dance studio where she thinks he captured her mom. As she arrives and finds out that her mom is no where near and it is a trap, James attempts to kill her. The Cullens show up just in time to save Bella but she has been biten by James. Edward kills James with the help of his brothers. Once James is taken care of, Edward chooses to keep Bella human by sucking the venom out of the bite. Bella is hospitalized due to her injuries sustaned by James. Edward decides it is better to protect Bella by staying with her instead of leaving her. Bella and Edward make it to the prom and are very happy and at peace. Jacob gose to the dance and tells Bella that his dad (who is best friends with Bella's dad) is worried about her. He wants Edward and her to break up. But her and Edward's love is too strong and they ignore it. They enjoy the prom surrounded by their friends. Forks, Washington is home to a different creature such as vampires (the Cullens) Who would read this? People who like romance novels and a little bit of a thrill. Also people who enjoy vampires Recommend I would recommend this book if you are a romance finatic and would like a book that is hard to put down.
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