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The Unwanted By Lisa Mcmann

No description

Austin Hamilton

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of The Unwanted By Lisa Mcmann

The Unwanted By Lisa McMann
The genre is
fiction fantasy.
The summary of this book is that there is this thing called the purge, and that only happens when kids turn 13. Then the leader of Quill comes out and determines if you're wanted, necessary, or unwanted. If you're unwanted you go to the death farm. Alex and Aron are twin brothers, and when Aron was chosen to be wanted and Alex was a unwanted. So, Alex went to the death farm and all of the other unwanteds meet Mr. Today. The reason why all of the unwanteds have to go to the death farm is because they are creative. What Mr. Today teaches the kids is to use their creativity for good and learn how to do magic. All of the kids have their own skill like Alex does art and Megan does music. Sam does theater etc. The death farm is actually a magical place with all different kinds of magical creatures. What the wanteds do is go to school and get ready for the army of Quill. Once the army of Quill hears about this there was a huge war where the unwanteds prevails.
The setting is mostly at the death farm and also at Quill.
Main Characters
The main characters are Aron, Alex,Megan,High Priest Justine. Also, there is Mr. Today, SAM, Laine
The conflict in this book is that Alex had to face his own brother in the huge battle at the end of the book.
The theme of the story is never be afraid of being creative. Even if somebody tells you different, what you need to know is be true to your self.
Literary Elements
There are many literary elements in this book. The rising action is when the unwanteds start their warrior training. The climax is when the army of quill finds out about the unwanteds army. The falling action is when the high priest gets defeated. The resolution is when there was a new fair leader of quill. The exposition in this story is that there are Alex,Aron, Mr.Today,and all the other main characters. The conflict they face is having to battle each other and only one will prevail.
McMann, Lisa. "The Unwanteds." The Unwanteds. N.p., n.d. Web. <http://pages.simonandschuster.com/images/working2/p0/28355.png>.
Falling Acton
Rising Action
Point of view
The point of view is in first person.
My Option
Is that this book is a thrill seeking book with action and adventure. That will leave you on the edge of your seat!!!!!
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