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The Interlopers

No description

Morgan O'Neal

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of The Interlopers

Point of View
The Interlopers
by: Saki

Dark Forest on a Winter Night
Forest lands Of Gradwitz, a mountain range that starts in Slovakia
Advance of Setting: It Is able to bring that "want" of the piece of forestland.
His Grandfather took the land away from illegal possessions of a neighborhood family of landowners.
Ulrich Von Gradwitz
George Znaeym
Inheritor of the quarrel and the tireless game snatcher and raider of the disputed border forest.
Anger and fear between these two families lead to extreme devastation.
3rd person Omniscient- in which the narrator knows the thoughts and feeling of all characters in the story.
Important Quotes
George Znaeym
Ulrich Von Gradwitz
Kindness and able to be loyal. They were able to put their flaws on the side and compromise with each other.
Plot Summary
George Znaeym and Ulrich Von Gradwitz disliked each other for occupying ones own territory. So these two men fought for their rightful heir of the forest.
Rising Action
Both men gathered their group together and went out to the forest, as they split up George and Ulrich comes face-to-face with rifles in their hands. As they are head to head with each other they're caught between the deeds of natures violence.
Both got caught under trees, Ulrich decides to talk about the feud they had all these years. They compromised and and agreed to become friends. They also agreed if either groups comes to rescue them they would give a helping hand to the other.
Falling Action
As friends, they begin to call out for help for their foresters to be able to show their honorable commitment towards each other. While they are both calling out for help they see figures coming toward them and they begin to question whose men are approaching.
As they see the figures coming closer and closer one of the men notice something that the other could not see....... WOLVES!
George Znaeym
Ulrich Gradwitz
He represented Jealousy

He represented the Rage over his piece of land
They both represented human conflict in the world
The Branch(fell on them)- Represented the feud over this land for so many years.
The Wolves- Represented the court ruling for both sides.
Ulrich Gradwitz
George Znaeym
" Could you reach this flask if I threw it over to you? asked Ulrich." We liked this quote because it showed his helping hand and the kindness he was showing towards his own enemy.
" But I think I have changed my mind about things too,this last half hour. And you offered me your wine flask..... Ulrich Von Gradwitz, I will be your friend." We liked this quote , because he understood the kindness of Gradwitz and out his flaws over Gradwitz and put it on the side for a friendship.
Saki's style of writing was influenced by the time he served in WWI. While serving, he was able to take the experience he gained and incorporate into the short story,
The Interlopers
The irony is found at the end of the short story where they expect to be saved by their men but end up being devoured by wolves.
Man Vs. Nature
"... a deed of Nature's own violence overwhelmed them both."
Man Vs. Man
"... as men each prayed that misfortune might fall on the other."
Figures Of Speech
Metaphor- " Relief at being alive and exasperation at his captive plight brought a strange medley of pious thank-offering and sharp curses to Ulrich lip's."
Personification-" and this wind scourged winter night Ulrich had banded together his foresters to watch the dark forest."
Hyperbole- " How the whole region would stare and gabble if we rode into the market-square together."
Work Cited Page

Being able to put their hatred to the side and forgive each other before things go wrong.
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