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SLISJ703: Five Tips for Research Success

No description

Lydia Anthony

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of SLISJ703: Five Tips for Research Success

Five Tips for Research Success 1. Start Yesterday Explore the LibGuide! slow and steady wins the race the writing center and the librarians 3. Meet Your New Best Friends 4. Know Your Options Ask a Librarian! We're here for you! 5. Killer Notes to
Conquor Citations Essay Collections! Monographs? Articles! Databases! THE INTERNET Encyclopedias! Dictionaries! See Libguide Tab:
Intro to Library Resources See Libguide Tab: Beyond Wikipedia > > See LibGuide Tab: Articles & Databases > See "Getting Organized" on LibGuide Home > See LibGuide Tab: Cite Your Sources! > The Master Plan Week 1 To-Do: Find & Narrow Topic
Identify Sources now due date 1/2way Research Phase Writing Phase Dig into the juicy stuff take notes on everything create outline write, write, write! leave enough time for citations! study sessions - at least 2hrs for each dig back into your sources Disclaimer: the TCL librarians do not endorse beginning ANY paper the night before. Believe me, I've tried it. It wasn't pretty. curiosity is your greatest asset 2. Find What Turns You On Week 1 To-Do: Review Time! Identify Sources Book a Librarian! They can also help you with:
Creating an Outline
Citations Visit the Writing Center! Find & Narrow Topic
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