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Possessive Adjectives

No description

Margaret Myers

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Possessive Adjectives

Background Information
Possessive adjectives indicate ownership the same way that my, your, his, her, and ours do.

When the object specified is made plural, so is the possessive adjective.

For example, if you have one cat you would say mi gato. But if you have to or more you would say mis gatos.
Possessive Adjectives Video
1. Fill in the blank: _____ hermanas
(a)Nuestra (b)Nuestros (c)Nuestras
2. Fill in the blank: ____ libros
(a)Mi (b)Nuestra (c)Mis
3. True or False: Possessive adjectives
(a)True (b) False
4. Fill in the blank: _____ cama
(a)Tus (b)Tu (c)Mis
5. Fill in the blank: _____ zapatos
(a)Tu (b) Nuestro (c)Sus

Quiz Answers
1. Fill in the blank: Nuestras hermanas
(a)Nuestra (b)Nuestros (c)Nuestras
2. Fill in the blank: Mis libros
(a)Mi (b)Nuestra (c)Mis
3. Is this sentence correct: ¿Donde esta mi libros?
(a)Yes (b)No
4. Fill in the blank: Tu cama
(a)Tus (b)Tu (c)Mis
5. Fill in the blank: Sus zapatos
(a)Tu (b) Nuestro (c)Sus
Possessive Adjectives
Zoe Curran

Mi perro- Mis perros
Su lapiz- Sus lapices
Nuestra manzana- Nuestras manzanas
Tu silla- Tus sillas
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