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EdTech 501 Personal Learning Goals

No description

Douglas Larson

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of EdTech 501 Personal Learning Goals

A key element of any well designed plan is its foundation. I see EdTech 501 as that foundation. Realizing that a foundation is only the first step in any learning process, my learning goals in this class are to learn to become an effective educator in the field of Educational Technology by acquiring the skills listed in my goals. EdTech 501 Personal Learning Goals
by Douglas Larson To acquire a working in-depth knowledge
of the definition of "Educational Technology" in order to better understand the capability of technology in educational settings. Goal # 1 To familiarize myself with various social networking sites, their effective uses, and gain the knowledge and experience to teach and create educational tools using these sites. Goal # 2 To familiarize myself with the issues and barriers my school faces with integrating technology and to be able to offer solutions to overcome those barriers. Goal # 3 To foster an understanding of AECT standards for future design, implementation, and teaching with technology in an educational setting. Goal # 4 Goal # 5 TO HAVE FUN!!! Goal # 6 To collaborate with colleagues in order to enhance my learning experience and begin creating my PLN.
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