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Domesticity and Adventure

No description

Diana Schirmer

on 22 February 2018

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Transcript of Domesticity and Adventure

Domesticity and Adventure
Themes in Adventure Fiction
victory over death
physical obstacles and dangers
more plot-drive
less character change or development
Hero makes valuable discovery (treasure map?)
Or needs to save someone (damsel in distress?)
Adventure stories follow Campbell's "Hero's Journey"...let's talk about that

See Domestic Fiction Example
For Next Time...
Read "Tuck Everlasting" (handout)
We'll also talk about the parts of the Hero's Theory

What are the characteristics of domestic fiction?
Action fiction?
Themes of Domestic Fiction
Leaving home, returning home
Home as a dangerous place
internal obstacles
illness or frailty of the body
socio-economic concerns
characters change, earn moral or spiritual rewards
Adventure Story
After Today You'll Be Able To...
Identify domestic children's stories
Identify adventure stories
Apply your skills to a domestic story
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