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Rita the Right Triangle's Amazing Adventure

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Transcript of Rita the Right Triangle's Amazing Adventure

After the plane ride...
When Rita got off the plane she was still furious. The rectangles were all making fun of her because of her area and her perimeter! All Rita wanted was to explore the world, and she ended up here :( She told the pilot and he told her he would take her right now if she got these questions right! And if not she did not he would come pick her up next Tuesday He asked her to answer these questions 25076854 + 2341673= ?. Rita answered "27418527" that was right! the pilot then asked 21404/9=?. rita responded "71". the pilot said "WRONG". The right answer was"72" So, she had to stay there until then. Rita then got comfortable. She had to wait a long time.
The Journey
Rita was very excited. She had to go to the doctor first, to see if she was healthy and allowed to go on the great adventure. When she got to the doctor, he first check to see her perimeter. Her sides were 50inches, 49inches, and 81inches. Her perimeter was 180 degrees. Next, he measured her angles to make sure they were 180 degrees. So, she went off to start the great adventure!
The Airport
When Rita got to the airport she was ecstatic! First, she went to security. When she was there they asked her some questions. Some of them were "what is your perimeter?" She answered "180 degrees." They also asked "what is your shape called?". Rita answered "right triangle." The last question asked was "25x4+78=?". Rita answered "178".They then told her that she was allowed to go on the plane to Europe. She was so excited!
All about Rita
Rita the Right Triangle is a triangle that has one right angle. A right angle is a 90 degree angle that looks like an "L". If you add all her angles you will get 180 degrees, always! There are many types of right triangles, scalene right and isosceles right. She was born to a family of right triangles. She was the youngest of them all. Her and her family lived in Right Triangle Land, that was in Triangulaville. Rita was very excited because she was finally old enough to go on an adventure all around the world!
The Plane
Rita got on the plane. But, not the CORRECT plane! She asked them "where is this plane landing?" The flight attendant answer "Russia, the Place of Rectangles." Rita was furious! She barked at the flight attendant "I am a right triangle I am visiting my cousin equilateral triangle, I hate rectangles." the flight attendant was not happy cause she was a rectangle.The flight attendant was told to go to every shape and tell them a fact like 20x5=100.
Rita the Right Triangle's Amazing Adventure
The Airport
When Rita got to the airport
was estatic.
Rita had to get a hotel room, NOW! She found a hotel, but the hotel had many problems like there were ONLY rectangles there, there was little rectabugs, and literally everything was rectangles and was against right triangles! but, she found a hotel so she was kind of happy. Wherever she went people gave her dirty looks. She went to rectangle hop for breakfast next. When she was there they asked her 30+30+60= and 350 divided by 15=. she answered them correctly! they were 120 and 15.They did not treat her well but gave her food. Little rectangles would chuck rectangle eggs at her! She wanted her family! And she was going back in one day!
The Next Day
The next day Rita went to the place were the pilot said to. sure enough the pilot was there, Rita was so happy! Rita got on the plane to find out she had to fly the plane! it was a scary ride. She needed to know the square root of 144 and what 60+7-4= to fly the plane. The square root is 12 and the other answer was 63. She also needed to know how many side a rectangle had she said 4. She was asked how many sides an octagon had she said 8 and she even needed to know how many a decagon had she answered 10. Since she knew this the plane cooperated okay, but not very well!Luckily everyone made it out alive. and the plane only had like a lot of damage! Rita was so excited to see her family waiting at the gate. Rita had made it home safe! She was back with her family and her friends! everyone was happy!
The Right Triangle Song

Right triangles are a type of polygon along with.......

1. Pentagons
2. Quadrilaterals
3. Hexagons
4. Heptagons
5. Octagons
6. Nonagons
7. Decagons
A right triangle is a triangle with 3 verticies, 3 lines, 0 parallel lines, and 3 angles. if you multiply her sides like this 3x3x3=? you will get 27 by following PEMDAS.


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