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No description

steven Vasquez

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of ASHFALL

literary devices
Imagery: " The house was wrecked. It looked like a giant fist had decended from the heavens,punching a round hole in the roof above my sisters room and collapsing the front of the house." (mullin 28)
Simile : " I heard a cracking noise, like the sound the hackberry tree in our backyard had made when dad cut it down last year, but louder: a forest of hackberries."(mullin 15)
personification " Flames shot into the sky above the hole licked up the roof." (mullin 28)
Transformation of Alex: The book shows the transformation of alex fr a child to man. through his survival he makes tough decisions and takes responsibility.
Love: when Alex meets Darla and they depart together in search for his parents, they get closer through out their journey.
Survival: everyone had to do what they could to survive.Alex went to hell and back just to survive the volcanic winter. alex had many brushes with death but he did everything he was able to do and trudged on to warren.

The Caregiver:During alexs journey to survive he had to take shelter in many places. After A brush with death he ended up almost dieing at the Edmunds residence. Mrs Edmunds and her daughter Darla take Alex in and nurse him back to health.
Death and rebirth: Alex goes through many changes throughout the book, both mental and emotional. since he left his neighbors house until he got to his uncles house you can see the death of Alex as a child and see the birth of him as a man.
Haven VS. Wilderness: Alex faces many challenges out on the road. one of his biggest challenges was just to find a place to sleep for the night.the ash was thick and heavy so finding a suitable place to rest was difficult.
Japanese tsunami
everyday survival
All in all, Ashfall is a little mix of everything. Love,tragedy,change and more. Alex, who was left alone for the weekend, must now forge his way to Warren in hopes of finding his family,if there's anyone alive. His journey is anything but easy, he overcomes many challenges and a few brushes with death along the way. this book will keep you on the edge of your seat, each chapter is action packed. so buckle in and hold on because its gonna be a wild ride.
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