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2015 Student Leadership Information

No description

Laura Burge

on 2 June 2017

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Transcript of 2015 Student Leadership Information

Care and concern for residents
Cultural sensitivity
Objectivity and impartiality
Creativity and innovation

ALSO: Role model positive behaviour and be receptive to feedback and ideas
What Next?
Student Leadership Information

Enrolled later year student
Resident in 2015
Intended resident in 2016
Consistently paid rent on time
WAM 70
No negative involvement in community standards issues
How to Apply
Review Student Leadership Opportunities 2016 Doc

Meet the Eligibility Criteria?
Apply Online!

and Shortlisted, Attend Leadership Selection Day

What are we looking for?
Eligibility for Role

Skills, Abilities, and Potential Fit

Model and reinforce respectful behaviour and community expectations
Provide assistance in case of illness, fire and emergency
Facilitate and participate in meetings and meet report requirements
Assist residents in understanding community living
Communicate effectively
Maintain an active and positive presence
Demonstrate pride for the residential and University precinct
Undertake Mod Squad duties (former Sober Team)

All-Leader Responsibilities
Selection Timeline
Monday 10 August

Friday 21 August

Friday 28 August

Saturday 29 August

Tuesday 1 September

Friday 4 September

Monday 12 October

Rewards and Benefits

40% rental remuneration (Reserve Leaders receive 10%)
Waiver of compulsory fees
Accommodation and selected catering during training and ResFest
Student Leader Merchandise
First Aid Certification
Training and Development
Networking Opportunities
Designated Leader Room
Free Annual Ball Ticket
End-of-Year Student Leadership Celebration Event

Host fortnightly community meetings
Maintain designated information points
Create community and provide pastoral care support
Maintain active involvement in residential events
Facilitate orientation/welcome activities
Role model and uphold community standards
Forward matters of concern to staff
Provide assistance on Open Day
Undertake 'Mod Squad' responsibilities as required
Be involved in a 'Buddy System' with another student leader throughout the year
Residential Assistant: Health
Encourage community building and personal growth by organizing and evaluating 6 large scale community events

Residential Assistant: Academic
Facilitate 16 (x2) themed academic enrichment sessions in study groupings
Record and report attendance
Assist with the design and facilitation of community-wide academic programs

Residential Assistant: Social
Organise a diverse range of personal enrichment opportunities (two alcohol permitted, two non-alcohol permitted, one residential ball)
Provide summary reports and evaluations

Community Advisors (Graduate House/Uni Lodge)
Work with the Community Standards REC to engage community members

Portfolio Responsibilities
Online Applications Due

Shortlisting Announcement

Deadline to apply for 2016 accommodation

Leadership Selection Day

Returning Leader Interviews

Leadership Announcement

Pass the Baton (TBC)
Sports Ambassadors
International Ambassadors
Orientation Ambassadors
Coming Soon
'Like' the Accommodation Services Facebook page to access the Student Leadership Opportunity Document and online application!

review all documentation.

Current Leaders
After applying online, submit a copy of your academic transcript to the Accommodation Services Office.

Those invited to interview will be required to create a 5 - 10 minute presentation.

(Current Leaders ONLY):

Highlight the attributes, skills, and experiences you would bring to the role if selected for another year;

Demonstrate how you would establish yourself as a “leader amongst leaders”;

Identify new ideas you would bring to the specific portfolio which interests you;

Pinpoint challenges you foresee in returning, and what you plan to do to overcome them.
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