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The Job Search

Let's examine the job search from start to finish!

James McGuire

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of The Job Search

Step 1: Planning and Research
4 Lines of Defense
Build your network by
connecting with fellow
professionals in your
desired career field.
Join groups related
to your desired
career field.
Line 1: Ashton the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
Step 1: Planning and Research

Research desired career field
and companies on Glassdoor.


Consider cost-of-living.
Are you open to relocation?


How much money do you need to earn each month to pay for the following:
Utility bills
Car insurance
Health insurance
Cell phone
Student loans

Step 2: Craft a Résumé
(Love Letter)

Approximately 80%
of jobs are landed
through networking,
so start building your network today!
3. DO NOT submit the same résumé for different positions.
3. Would you send Carmen the same love letter that you sent Taylor?
1. Résumé: No fluff.
Examples of fluff: (a) Synergy; (b) Think outside the box.
1. Love Letter: No cheesy lines.
Step 3: Create a Linked Account
The Job Search
Step 2: Craft a Resume
2. Your letter must speak the language of love. Write a story about
each of the moments you shared together.
How adorbz is my
sticker collection?
- Rachel
Step 3: Create a LinkedIn Account
Hi, I'm Ashton.
Actually, I'm Ashton. The guy in the red tie and capri pants is an imposter. I am an Applicant Tracking System and I'm a computer.

When you apply for a position, your résumé comes to me first. I am scanning résumés for keywords from within the job description and giving the resume a or a .

Rachel always refers to me as the but I prefer to call myself the

Recruiters will conduct Boolean searches in the ATS using specific criteria such as location and specific skills.
Line 2: Recruiter aka The Human Matchmaker
My mission is to find the
right candidate for the
position. I am evaluated
on how effectively I match
to job requirements.
Hiring the wrong person has consequences. According to BLS, it costs the company anywhere from 30% to 200% of that worker's annual salary.
BLS: Bureau of Labor Statistics
Second Test
A recruiter may spend as little as 6 seconds reviewing a résumé.

Job seekers must capture the
attention of the recruiter in their
Summary of Qualifications
section of résumé.

Not sure what career you want to pursue? Click
to take a career

Step 4: Apply for Jobs
2. Your résumé must speak the language of the job description.
Incorporate keywords and tell a story about each of them.
No matter how impressive a candidate you are, a résumé more than 2 pages will not get read by a recruiter.
The space
a resume is
valuable real estate.
information relevant to the job description.
Double check your work for typos!
You are writing a résumé,
so approach it differently than
at 2 pages.
: A federal résumé can be more than 2 pages.
Numbers are strong indicators
of impact. Use often to quantify
results and display every number
in your résumé as a digit.
Step 4: Apply for Jobs
Company website or any of the
Dice.com (Tech)
You have to
penetrate 4 lines
of defense to secure a job.
Line 1: ATS
Line 2: Recruiter
Line 3: Phone Interview
Line 4: In-Person Interview
following job sites:
Line 3: Phone Interview
Purpose of phone interview is to screen
candidates and narrow down the pool of applicants.
Slow Jam
Free Zone
out on
desk to
Conduct the phone interview
in a quiet room free of
distractions. Seriously, no
slow jams playing in the background!
You have to penetrate 4 lines of defense to secure a job.
Line 4: The In-Person Interview
Portfolio Contents
Printed copies of résumé
Printed copies of references
Black pens and mechanical pencils
with questions
written on it to
ask at end of interview.
Printed copy of positive news
stories within last month about the company.
Printed copy of the job
description. Have 3 of the job duties /
requirements highlighted and be prepared
to speak about how you have performed
each of them in the past.
Recent or soon-to-be college grad?
Apply to Koru at
The Interview
To Do:
Buy sushi, kale, broccoli, apples, puppy chow, and Romantic Soul Chardonnay
Hot Yoga Sat
Book Austin FLT for SXSW
DVR Ellen Show and Fallon
Boys of Zummer tix: 7/19
Call Taylor!!!
Motivated and dynamic thought leader that is a true inspiration to all. Always thinking outside of the box while promoting synergy. HIGHLY SOUGHT OUT public speaker. A detale-oriented, impact player looking to make a difference at your company and will do so with a smile that is contagious.
the Room
to Ask
Thank You
Send a handwritten
thank you card to each member of
the interview panel.
Be sure to check your
email daily for a job offer
and to keep all correspondence
with the recruiter or hiring
manager professional.
Post Interview
Résumé Problems
A Rachel Recruiter
A recruiter will look for qualified candidates from the following sources:
External Active Applicants
Company Website ATS
Job Sites
Internal Candidates
Candidates currently
working at company.
External Inactive (Passive) Candidates
(1) Recruiter pulls applicants from years ago in the ATS that were either (a) qualified but not hired at the time or (b) lacked a few ot the requirements and
finds them on LinkedIn to see if they gained
necessary skills.
(2) Candidates that did not apply, but recruiter
searches for on LinkedIn or job sites.
(3) Candidates discovered through social media conversation/engagement.
(1) Employee Referrals
(2) Referrals through network
built in community
(3) Referrals from recruiters
at other companies

held in your community,
college campus, or military
Career Fairs
You have to find a way to network your way into the hot (red) zones.
I would encourage you to explore all sources, to include career fairs, because all it takes is meeting that right person once; you don't want to miss that opportunity. DO NOT spend more than 10% of your job search sitting at home applying for jobs online. Hanging out in the cold (blue) areas above and waiting for something to happen will rarely produce results.
Rachel Recruiter
Example: The 4 Lines of Defense
Why as little as 6 seconds reviewing a résumé?
* Failing to lead-in with job title in Summary of Qualifications.
* Flooding your resume with fluff words like "synergy" and phrases like "thinking outside the box." Please stop doing that; it's not a good look.
* Spelling mistake
Thyme 2 Playbook -
Charlotte, NC
Lead Scrapbooker
2009 - 2010
Started a little business on the side focused on making scrapbooks featuring emotional, breathtaking highlights from my championship winning fantasy football seasons and favorite football inspired recipes made with thyme (ie. Key Thyme Pie)
* Crafting bullet points containing irrelevant information.
* Review the job description and anticipate what words the recruiter will use in the Boolean search string.
* Very rarely will a recruiter search for the following terms:
thyme, fantasy, football, scrapbook, motivated, smile.
* Do not try to "trick the ATS" by typing the same keywords 50 times, changing the font size to 2, turning the font color to white, and placing it at the bottom of the résumé.
* Many Applicant Tracking Systems have become much more advanced and can detect your games.
* If you do manage to trick the ATS, a recruiter will review the résumé and realize what you've done.
* If an acronym is listed in the job description, it is okay to list it in the résumé. But don't list random acronyms that will leave the recruiter guessing.
I have almost 200
candidates from all of
these sources to sort
through for 1 position!
Thank goodness for
Ashton the ATS!
I had so much
fun! Let's do
brunch soon!
Tell me about yourself.
What do you know
about company
Why do you want
to work here?
What are your 3
greatest strengths?
Greatest weakness?
What prior
do you have in
this field?
Why did you leave
your last job?

Where do you see
yourself 5 years from

Why should we
hire you?

Tell me about a time when you helped resolve a dispute between others.
Describe a difficult work situation / project and how you overcame it.
Do you have any questions
for us?
We will make a decision
regarding your candidacy
by next Friday. Thank you
for your time.
The first 20%, or 6 reqs, are hot fills and take priority. My next 60%, or 18 reqs, are middle of the pack, and the last 20% are lower priority.
candidates applied for a Telecommunications Specialist posting
Boolean Search: ("Telecommunications" OR "Telecom") AND "Charlotte"
This means that 152 résumés were never viewed by a human set of eyes.
Keyword in
job description
Reviewed 36 résumés and narrowed list down to

Sent them to the Hiring Manager (Hannah) along with the
résumés of

passive candidates found on LinkedIn,

employee referrals, and
candidate who has been very
engaged on our company's social media platforms.
I conducted 5 phone interviews
and cut list down to
Hannah and Justin joined me
to conduct 3 in-person
Selected best
Five minutes later, Hannah and our Sr Mgr, Justin,
came over to my desk and we briefly discussed
each one. Narrowed the list from 8 to

I currently have 30 open requisitions. Each week,
I prioritize the open reqs following our weekly
meeting based on guidance from my boss and
executive staff. The 30 reqs are broken down 20/60/20.
I have 30 open requisitions, y'all. Let's say we have 188 applicants for each open req. There is no way that I could review 5,640 submitted résumés, so I turn to my robot friend, Ashton the ATS! Time is my scarcest resource, deadlines are rapidly approaching, and I have to dedicate energy to the following tasks each week:
Source qualified
Prepare reports for my
immediate supervisor
Keep records
of applicants
Evaluate recruiting plans
and make adjustments

Deal with office drama, lol
Communicate w/new hires and their supervisors to receive
Screen applicants by
Draft and post job
Prepare offers and
new hire orientation
Train new recruiters
Attend company
meetings and give
Sort through referrals
from employees,
executives, and fellow
Travel via air / ground
to events in my region
and sometimes across
the country
Develop network through
career fairs, professional
conferences, Chamber
of Commerce meetings
Give presentations on
college campuses, military
installations, and
community events
Boolean Search: ("Telecommunications" or "Telecom") and "Charlotte" and
("Network" or "Networking") and IP and PBX and Cisco and Telephony
Interview applicants
with headhunters
Favorite Slow Jams
Taylor Teacher:
It's Your Love
by Tim McGraw
Matt Military:
by Jose Gonzalez
Carmen College:
One in a Million
by Aaliyah
Aaron Athlete:

by 112 and
by Maxwell
Rachel Recruiter:
Thinking Out Loud
by Ed Sheeran
Bella Donna
by The Avett Brothers (Concord, NC!)
Examples: (a) You complete me; (b) You must be tired as hell because
you've been running through my mind all day long.
Unlike Ashton, I am a human.
I use the ATS often to narrow down the number of applicants.
Final Thoughts
4 Lines of Defense
Don't know what to
wear to your interview? Ask your significant other to help you pick out a suit, tie, shoes, etc. Or watch
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
and try to
dress like him.
Ladies, don't take your significant other shopping with you! I'm sure you know what to wear. If not, watch an episode of
Madam Secretary
and dress like one of the fabulous female characters!
We love getting
thank you cards!
Fav Post Interview
Party Jams!!!
Top of the
by OCD: Moosh
and Twist

All About It
by Hoodie Allen feat.
Ed Sheeran
Callin' Baton
by Garth Brooks

That's the Way
Love Goes
by Janet
My Love
Justin Timberlake
feat. TI and
by Fall Out Boy!!!
Have a question about résumés or the job search? Disagree with our slow jam playlist? Contact us at Info@RezMkr.com!
No cologne or perfume.
Leave your cell phone in your car.
Enter the room with confidence. Smile, make eye contact / shake hands with interviewers and distribute your résumé.
Avoid saying "umm" and "like."
What's your timeline for making a decision, and when can I expect to hear back from you?

To all of my fellow
teachers, this is the
best video ever!!!
Hugs, Taylor
Such an amazing
show! - Carmen
The Job Search
Make sure your
profile pic is
professional. These
are terrible examples!

Ooh, did someone say
"slow jams?"
Included zip codes from 28201 to 28299 along with "Charlotte" and the area code "704"
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