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The lord of the rings- The hero's journey

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Johann Degenhardt

on 4 July 2016

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Transcript of The lord of the rings- The hero's journey

The lord of the rings- The hero's journey
1. The ordinary world

Frodo lives peacefully in the Shire with his Uncle, Bilbo Baggins at Bag End, and his three closest friends. The Baggins family is well known for Bilbo’s great adventures, and they are often visited by Gandalf the Wizard.

2. The call to adventure

Frodo finds the ring Bilbo left for him. After finding it, Gandalf explains to him the story of the Ring of Power, and how it was created. He tells Frodo about the Dark Lord, and how the Ring was once lost from the world until it was found again.
3. Refusal to the call

Frodo is initially reluctant to leave his comfortable life in Shire, but when he is almost killed by the Ringwraiths (Sauron’s minions) he realizes his life will always be at risk as long as the ring exists.
4. Meeting with the fellowship

Frodo meets the Fellowship, a group of trusted allies of Gandalf that have pledged to help Frodo in his quest to destroy the ring. The Fellowship consists of Frodo’s hobbit companions, Aragorn, Gandalf, Gimli the Dwarf, Legolas the Elf, and the man Boromir.
The hero: Frodo
5. Crossing the Threshold Guardian

Frodo moves out of his comfort zone in the Shire and begins his quest with the aid of the Fellowship on his long journey to the volcano Mount Doom, the only place where this ring can be destroyed.

The departure
6. Tests, Allies, Enemies

Frodo and his fellowship encounters many obstacles, allies, and enemies along the way.
He journeys over the mountain pass

merely escapes the wrath of Balrog

he becomes allies with the elves

he is almost captured by the forces of Saruman

he is attacked by Gollum

he is nearly eaten by a carnivorous Spider (Shelob).
7. Approaching the inmost cave

Frodo departs from the Fellowship alone with Sam to continue his long journey to the fires of Mount Doom. The Fellowship cannot continue with Frodo, because they must help defeat the forces of Sauron that are growing more powerful with each passing. Frodo and Sam use Gollum as a guide to travel the secret back paths to reach the entrance of Mount Doom.

8. The Supreme Ordeal

Aragorn is leading the armies of Rohan and Gondor against the forces of Sauron as a distraction.
Meanwhile Frodo and Sam get attacked of Gollum but in the end Frodo archieves to destroy the ring.

The big battle
Destroying the ring
9. Reward

The Reward is the destruction of the ring in Mount Doom and the victory of the cumulative prowess of the Fellowship and its’ allies over the forces of Sauron.

10. The road back

Frodo and Sam get rescued by Gandalf and his eagles

11. Resurrection

Several weeks later Frodo awakes from his unconscious exhausted state just in time to witness Aragon’s marriage to his longtime love Arwen and his ascent to the throne of the realm. Simultaneously all the members of the Fellowship are knighted by Aragon, with exception of Gandalf.
12. Restoring the world

Frodo returns to Shire with more powerful relationships. Eventually Frodo journeys to the Undying Lands to live peacefully for the rest of eternity.

The mountain pass
The wrath of Balrog
The elves





Gandalf's eagles
Aragon and Arwen
Back at the shire
The Shire
Meeting with the mentor Gandalf
The ringwraiths
The fellowship
Jule Wiegmann
Friederike Hüppe
Marlene Birkmann
Anna Koch

the victory
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