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No description

Laura Stocks

on 5 January 2014

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Transcript of HRM

What could organizations do to solve these issues?
Select talent from pools within the country
Training on leadership, technical knowledge, language & culture
Stress the importance of cultural awareness through cross-cultural training
Developmental & social rewards
Host country mentoring
HRM in Transnational Companies
View Corporation (Kramar & Syed 2012)

Dimensions of the Global Professional
View's Training Model
This is Pete.
Lee Murray, Laura Stocks & Rachael Tham
Developing Global Professionals
Adler, N.J and Bartholomew, S. (1992) Managing globally competent people. Academy of
Management Executive, 6: 52-65.
Arvey, Richard D. (2009). HIlton Worldwide. "Why face-to-face business meetings matter".
[White paper]. Available from:
http:// www.iacconline.org/content/files/WhyFace-to-FaceBusinessMeetingsMatter.pdf
Bosson Consulting. (2009). International Assignment Policies Benchmarking Survey Results Summary.
Retrieved from: http://www.ybosson.com/pdf/Summary_report.pdf.
Black, J.S., Morrison, A.J., Gregersen, H.B. (1998) [Online] Developing Leaders for the Gobal Frontier:
http://sloanreview.mit.edu/article/developing-leaders-for-the-global-frontier/ [Accessed 20 November 2013]
Expat Women: Success Story
(2011). [Online]. Available from:
Kramar, R. and Syed, J (2012). Human Resources Management in a Global Context: a critical
approach. Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan
Maurer, R. (2013) Survery: Companies Fail to Train Managers for Oversea's Assignments. [Online] http://www.shrm.org/hrdisciplines/global/Articles/Pages/Fail-Train-Managers-Overseas-Assignments.aspx [Accessed 21 November 2013]
McCall, M.W., Hollenbeck, G.W. (2002) Developing Global Executives: The Lessons of Global Experience. Boston, Harvard University Press.
Pederson & Partners (2012). Top Line Survey Results: Expatriate Country Managers [Online].
Available from: http://www.pedersenandpartners.com/articles/top-line-survey-results-expatriate-country-managers-0 [Accessed 20 November 2013]
View Corporation Commuter Assignments

Employers & Employee's Perspective
Being able to take part in any events
Having a deeper understanding of the business & its operations
Collaborate & establish good relationships with shareholders and stakeholders
Unmotivated (depression, stress)
Increased cost (Travel, health, insurance)
Negative work life balance
(Kramar and Syed 2012)
*Not an actual company
Small Beginnings
By the end of the 20th Century established presence in global marketplace
Markets include: media, entertainment, security, medical imaging, and avionics
View's Headquarters remain in Belgium, but it has branches in Europe, USA, and Asia-Pacific
(We think...)
Expatriate Assignments
Relocation of talent
Commuter Assignments
Global Professional Assignments
Bridge the gap between home and abroad
Global Efficiency and Local Responsiveness

The value of face-to-face interaction in Business
Facial Expression

Human Contact
Eliminate time-gaps in communication
Develop & Maintain Relationships
Humor & Personality
Breakthrough Thinking
Capitalise on Individual Strengths
Arvey (2009)
Adler and Bartholomew (1992)
Current Trends of MNEs

Pederson & Partners (2012)
Real World Success
"When I first joined Starbucks in Japan, I had to overcome some challenges as a woman, a foreigner, and as someone coming from the "headquarters". It took time to build trust and credibility, especially with the senior team. I think through my commitment, experience, and relationship-building I was able to gain trust in this new environment. I am happy to say that I have had the opportunity to promote several women into senior roles during my tenure and we have others ready and waiting on the bench for key leadership roles." - Barbara Le Marrec

Chief Retail Officer,
Starbucks Coffee Japan
View: 'Cultural Training Sessions'
Lectures on culture by University Professors.
Bosson (2009)
Host foreign guests
Exposure to cultural differences at home
Education in global opportunities
Short 'test' global asssingments
Manage a multi-country project
Initial Attributes
High potential student or Organisational candidate
Open to new experience
Willingness to travel
Existing language knowledge or willingness to learn
Social skills
Competencies for success
Business savvy
Cultural competency
Ability to learn from experience
Creative thinking
How do Global Professionals Succeed?
Empower Others
Teacher and a Coach
Model Learner
Social Skills
Active Listening
Effective Communication
1.Identify skills knowledge and abilities which need to be developed.
2. Design a plan to achieve goals
The Four T's
(Black, Morrison, Gregersen, 1998)
How do you enhance the effectiveness of international assignments?
Select the person carefully
Consider the person's family
Provide extensive training
Facilitate repatriation
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