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Sumatran Tiger

living things project

jlocool 22

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Sumatran Tiger

Sumatran Tiger
By: Joelle Lakkis
Have Sumatran tigers ever attacked a person?
The End
An interesting story!
How are they being affected?
How are we trying to help them?
Pictures of Sumatran tigers?
How many are there in the world?
All About Me
Where do they live?
The length of an average male
Sumatran tiger is 2.4m (8feet) the average length of a female is 2.2m (7 feet).
I live on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, in the lowlands. I am the smallest subspecies. There are 300-400 of me left around the world.235 Sumatran tigers live
in zoos around the world.
They live on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The largest population of around 110 lives in Gunung leuser national park, another100 live in unprotected areas that are vulnerable to poaching.
People in Sumatra have made breeding centers to help them. Some people have started to stop buying products that contain palm oil.
White Sumatran Tiger
Because of us humans, the Sumatran tiger habitat is being destroyed. WE NEED TO ACT NOW!!!!
Yes, they have attacked many people. One story, that was on the news two years ago a farmer went on tiger land for a walk and he didnt see the tiger come up from behind he got attacked and the tiger took his head off his body. Some men came about an our later and found his body without the head. then they kept walking and they found the head it was 1km away. When the farmers wife got the news she was heart broken.
A group of men saw skins of Sumatran tigers, through the window as they were walking. They reported the guy that live there to TCPU (Tiger Conservation Protection Unit). He got arrested and it turns out that he was a large mammal poacher.


1.Where do they live?
2. How many are there in the world?
3. How are we trying to help them?
4. Pictures of Sumatran tigers?
5. How are they being affected?
6.Have Sumatran tigers ever attacked a person?
7.An interesting story!
8. The End
There are around 400 left. It is predicted that they will be E.W. in 10 years or so (extinct in the wild).
Sumatran Tiger Cubs
Here there is a tree on a Sumatran tiger
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