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02.03 The Anti-Federalists: Assessment

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Anh Nguyen

on 27 June 2014

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Transcript of 02.03 The Anti-Federalists: Assessment

02.03 The Anti-Federalists: Assessment
If I was alive during this time, I would support the anti-federalist. The anti federalist worked to guarantee more state rights. They believed that the national government held too much power due to many leeway. They also argued for a strict interpretation of the constitution to prevent any under the table deals. They believed that a bill of rights was something that was a must in the constitution to guarantee individual rights.
The federalist believe that a strong central government would be necessary for the newly developed nation. In the quote “In republican government, the legislative authority necessarily predominates.” , they are basically saying that the national government have more power over the states government. They believe in not only a strong central government but also a national bank and also to tax the states for federal programs(military). The federalists were big on being financially stable therefore they favored commerce and banking over agriculture.
To add, they also favored the idea of abolishing slavery and that can be seen in the quote
“It is essential to such a government that it be derived from the great body of the society, not from an inconsiderable proportion or a favored class of it;...“

The anti-federalists, unlike their name, we're not against the federalist. In the quote "
In the new Constitution, the President and Senate have all the executive, and two thirds of the legislative power...
", The anti federalists believe that the constitution gave the federal government too much power. They resent the ideal that states were to be tax for the well being of the federal militia because they believe that having one is unnecessary(
" As long as we can preserve our unalienable rights, we are in safety.“
). The anti federalist were some what of "individual rights warrior". They believe the constitution needed the bills of right to protect individual rights due to the overwhelming threat of power from the federal government. They refused to ratify the constitution unless the bills of right was included.
My Opinion:

I don't agree with the first quote because both government should work together to resolve problems. How the federal government want to distribute the power seems too much like a give-and- take kind of relationship. Like a marriage, there should be a balance in power rather than one having more than the other; that's not a very good relationship, rather it is a dominance relationship. I, however, do agree with the second quote. The majority(land owning-WHITE men) should not be the only one to participate in politics. In a country(at that time) where the number of black slaves outnumbered whites in the south, the idea of only successful white men can vote is almost sickening.
My Opinion:
I agree with the first quote. Although there is a limited power between each of the branches, all of the powers are none the less held within the federal government. There is little to no room for the state government to get involve. Going back to what my first opinion was, there should be a balance in power between states and federal because things like the civil war might occur again. I, however, disagree with the second quote. How can we preserve our rights when a foreign nation threaten those rights? I believe a federal militia is completely necessary because I believe in the idea of being prepared for the worse rather than being optimistic.

Though it seem that the federal government means well in the Constitution, they fail to recognize the fact that it exemplify how power greedy they are. The Anti-Federalists recognize this and try to preserve some powers for not only the states but also for the citizens of the United States. The Anti-Feds refuse to ratify the Constitution unless a Bills of Rights was added. They believe that the federal government will eventually become corrupt and basic citizen rights will be taken away. The Anti Feds was basically Robin Hood; fight for the people. For this fact, I support the Anti-Feds and so should every citizen of the US during that time. The Anti-Feds did not hate Feds, they simply wanted their voices to be heard and for the federal government to share some powers with the states government.
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