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Presidental Candidates Election

No description

Becca Ulrich

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Presidental Candidates Election

"And this President wakes up every morning,
looks out across America and is proud to announce,
'It could be worse.
' It could be worse? Is that what it means to
be an American? It could be worse?
Of course not. What defines us as Americans is
our unwavering conviction that we know it must be better." Who are the candidates? By: Abbey Greenwood
Sarah Lumpkin
Caitlin McDonald
Becca Ulrich Presidential
Candidates Mitt Romney Republican Nominee Barack Obama Democratic Nominee Mitt Romney
was born March
12,1947 1966 Attended
Stanford 1968 Fatal car crash
and father ran
for president 1970 Mom ran for
Senate for Michigan 1969 Married Ann
Davis Background March 21,
1970 First Son Taggart
was born October 27,
1971 August 13,
1975 June 5,
1978 May 14,
1981 1998 Second son
was born Third son
was born Fourth son
was born Fifth son
Craig was born Wife received diagnosis of multiple sclerosis Family Political Experience 1990 Saved
Bain & Company, which he began working at in 1970 1994 1992 April 12,
2007 Feb. 13, 2007 August 12, 2007 Jan 15, 2008 Feb. 7, 2008 June 2, 2011 Jan 21, 2012 Elected Governor
of Massachusetts Video http://www.biography.com/people/mitt-romney-241055/videos/mitt-romney-life-in-politics-2168805093 Background August 4, 1961 Barack was
born in
Hawaii Family Political Experience 1963 Father
leaves family,
and mom
remarries an Indonesian man 1967 Obama moves to
Indonesia with
mother and stepfather October 3, 1992 http://www.biography.com/people/barack-obama-12782369 Started Senate
campaign Announces Presidential
candidate Signed the Health
Care Bill Wins Iowa Straw Poll Wins Michigan as a
Republic State Ends Presidential
Candidacy Announces to try again
Presidental Cadidacy Loses South Carolina Primary Obama
Michelle 1999 First child:
daughter Malia
is born 2001 Second child: daughter
is born 1996 Elected
State Senate March 16, 2004 Wins U.S.
Senate Primary November 2, 2004 Wins U.S.
Senate "Change will not come if we wait for
some other person or some other time.
We are the ones we've been
waiting for. We are the
change that we seek." -Barack Obama January 16,2007 Enters race
for the White
House June 3, 2008 Becomes the first
candidate to
lead a major party August 28, 2008 Accepts Nomination November 4,2008 Elected President January 20,2009 Sworn in
44th President September 9, 2009 Health Care Speech October 9, 2009 Wins
Prize January 27, 2010 The President's Address March 23, 2010 Signs
Care Law June 15, 2010 1st Oval Office Address
where Obama
talks about moving away
from reliance
of oil Fun Facts August 31, 2010 Address declaring
an end to
the 7 year
combat MIssion
in Iraq May 2, 2011 Obama announces
death of
Bin Laden May 9, 2012 ABC News Exclusive
with Obama saying he believes that
same sex marriage should be
legal August 3, 2011 Turns 50 in office 1. Real name- Willard Mitt Romney
2.Favorite food- Hot Dogs and Meatloaf
3.Mitt was a security guard for Chrysler.
4. His father was born in Mexico to American parents.
5. Mitt rescued a family of 6 after their boat sank.
6. He was on the Cross country team in high school.
7. He met his wife in club scouts as kids.
8. "The pursuit of the difficult makes men strong" is Romney's favorite quote. August 1981 Transfers to
Columbia College.
He graduates
in 1983 with a major
in political science
and a specialization
in international relations. 1979 Attends
College 1983 For a year
he works at
Business International Corporation,
then is hired
by NY Public
Interest Research
Group 1985 Moves to Chicago September
1988 1991 Back
Chicago Becomes the first black president in the Harvard Law Review's 104 year history in 1990, and graduates in 1991. Fun Facts Some Political Beliefs of Barack Obama and the Democratic Platform The Democratic Party and Barack believe in:
-same sex marriage and that it should be legal
-giving support to abortion rights
-opposing any efforts to privatize or voucherize the program in Medicare
-and opposing any privatization of Social Security Some Political Beliefs of Mitt Romney and the Republican Platform The Republican Party and Mitt Romney believe in:
-banning abortion
-man and woman marriage
-reshaping the Medicare program for an income adjusted contribution toward a health plan of the enrollee's choice including a government plan
-younger workers being given the option of personal investment accounts as supplements to the system 1."O Bomber" in high school was Obama's nickname for his basketball skills.
2.His name means "one who is blessed" in Swahili.
3.Barack's favorite meal is Michelle's shrimp linguini.
4.Barack won a Grammy in 2006 for the audio version of his memoir, "Dream from My Father".
5.Obama is the sixth post war president that is left handed.
6.He has read every Harry Potter book.
7.He can speak Spanish.
8.Barack worked in Baskin Robin ice cream shop as a teenager and now can't stand ice cream.
9.His favourite drink is black forest berry ice tea. So, who are you voting for? -Mitt Romney
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