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Kabbalah Presentation

No description

Bryce Beartree

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Kabbalah Presentation

Misconceptions a short introduction Kabbalah History of Kabbalah The Zohar A cipher for the meaning of the Torah, rather than a book of religious doctrine The Book of Splendor Was hidden away for years Included the Big Bang Theory, a spherical earth, time zones, and multiple dimensions The "Dark Side" of Judaism The "self-help" religion Concept of fulfillment and chaos Cabala or Qabblâ to receive, to accept Jewish mysticism It all began in the in the Garden of Eden... God and Moses Or Maybe... Originally Merkabah Kabbalah most influential in the Middle Ages More recently 1922 The Zohar translated into English 1968 Rav Berg began sharing the esoteric knowledge The Ten Sefirot Emanations of the Creator Ein Sof become one with Ein Sof The Creator (until the 13th c.) upper sefirot represents the head of Ein Sof material reality
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