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No description

Braden Daniels

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Argentina

Welcome to Argentina Food Historical Sites Outdoor recreations Accomodations Arts and culture Argentina has lots of exotic foods,some of their foods are
alfajores,asado,and a drink called mate Alfajores are delicious
sandwhiches that are made by
putting caramel between
two buttery cookies Mate is made
by steeping
dried yerba mate
leaves in hot water Asado is made up of beef,pork,ribs,
pork ribs,chitterlings,sweetbread,
sausage,blood sausage, and chicken Argentina has alot of nice and expensive hotels and resorts like the Hilton hotel, a nice resort, or a house along the shore The Hilton hotel is in Buenos Aires Some villas look alot like condos Argentina has alot of houses by the ocean One of the arts in Argentina is tango. Also folk music is big there too. The official language is spanish In Argentina some of the things you can do outdoors are play soccer,go diving,or go on a hiking trip Soccer is the biggest sport in Argentina There are lots of deep blue ocean you can go diving in Argentina has lots of great views from the many mountains there Argentina has lots of historical sites like The Waterfall of Iguazu River,Plaza De Mayo,or Casa Rosada The Waterfall Iguazu River
is made up of 100 waterfalls Plaza De Mayo is the
main center square
of Buenos Aires which
is a big city in Argentina Casa Rosada is the official
seat of the executive branch
of the Argentina government PLEASE
ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is amazing work made Braden Daniels with no help, ENJOY
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