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Welcome to Hyatt

No description

Yashpreet Singh

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to Hyatt

Planning the Project
Keeping in Touch with the Hyatt
Adaptation to Chinese Market
Inward Culture
Welcome to Hyatt
Diana Soroka
Yashpreet Kaur
Jan Mark
Sunnyi Braun
Kuna Mushimba
Hyun Jin Kim
You're more than welcome
Hyatt in China
23 hotels in China
4 hotels in Shanghai
Located in key tourist destinations
3rd Trimester 2012 Turnover 977 M$
You are more than welcome...
About Hyatt
Hyatt House at Los Angeles International Airport
Sept 30th, 1957
Jay Pritzker
First overseas hotel, Hyatt Regency ,Hong Kong, 1969
CEO: Mark S. Hoplamezian
Hyatt Value Chain
Core values:
Mutual respect
Intellectual honesty

Casual and relaxed environment.
Meetings every week, month and sometimes even daily, Hyatt talk.
Manager to a subordinate system once every month.
Open culture, easy to access.
Focus on vision and social relationship.
Based on cooperation between departments,but both competition&cooperation between sister-hotels.
Events for Hyatt employees.
Conflict resolution through meetings.
Leadership Training Programs.

Our mission is to provide authentic hospitality by making a difference in the lives of the people we touch every day, including our associates, guests and owners.
Light Colours

How do think Hyatt adapted to
the Chinese market ?
Punishments & Rewards System
Warning System
Last Conduct
Hyatt Stars Program
15 Stars Reward
Best Employees: Y/M
Most Popular Manager
12 Days free Stay at Hyatt
Fidelity Rewards
Social Media:

Thank You
Outward culture
Glass Lobby
Feng Shui
Natural lighting
Fusion of Chinese & western design.
Do you think they
motivate their employees
differently in China ?
Fashionable international spirit
Informal elegance
Bold & contemporary interior spaces
Prezi was divided in two Groups basicly for the creation but three groups:
Yash and Diana 40%
Sunnyi and Jan 40%
Kim & Kuna 20%
Writing part :
Introduction + Culture Impression on Hyatt : Kim and Kuna
Inward and Outward Culture: Yash
References to the Theories: Diana
Methodology + Conclusion: Sunnyi and Jan

Rereading and correction: Jan and Sunnyi
Full transcript