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Tools For High School

No description

Zachary Straney

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of Tools For High School

Glogster You can use Glogster by making a
poster for a class about a topic. Glogster is a site that allows you to make a posteron the internet. Blogs It is a site on the internet
that lets people post things
and comment on the post. Blogs can be used to
communicate between
them for a project or other things. Twitter Twitter lets you connect to
other people and only lets
you type 140 characters Students could use twitter by
watching something the teacher
gave you and you could post
stuff about it rather than coming
into school and telling your
teacher about it. Flickr An online photo management
and sharing application. You could get pictures for projects. The cloud allows you to access information or documents on the web. Cloud computing You can store documents in the cloud and then you can access it from any computer. Pandora Internet radio Compare different music types and different Google docs An online document maker To type and get help editing a document. Wikis Allows you to store
digital information
in one place. Wikis can be used for
storing information
about a research topic Social Networking Allow you to
between people
on the internet Use to notify students of dates and projects Podcast/Webcast Digital media file that
can be listened to by
any music device Podcast/webcasts
can be used in class
for explaining a topic. If a student is having trouble with a problem the teacher could make a podcast or a webcast to explainwho to do that lesson. Online tools for school
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