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"The Goodness of Matt Kaizer"

literary elements and vocab from the story

Beverly Taylor-Jones

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of "The Goodness of Matt Kaizer"

A Short Story by Avi
The Goodness of
Matt Kaizer
If a good friend dared you to do something you didn't agree with, what would you do?
Born 1937 in Brooklyn
Twin sister gave him his name when they were a year old
Doesn't tell his real name
Struggled with reading and writing in school
"Reading is the key to writing. The more you read, the better your writing can be." ~Avi
Build Background
Similar themes can be found in most of Avi's novels and short stories. Avi thinks that stories should be entertaining, but he also wants the stories to serve as examples of complex experiences for readers . He often writes about difficult situations and choices teenagers face and how they handle those situations. In this story Matt faces huge choices about who he is.
Set Purpose
Preview the title and the first two paragraphs. Predict what conflict Matt may uncover in his life when he accepts a dare.
The three ways writers create characters:

1. By showing what characters say, do, or think

2. By showing what other characters say or think about them

3. By describing the characters' physical appearance
Types of Characters
protagonist- the good guy
antagonist- the bad guy
main character- the important guy
minor character
flat character
round character
static character
dynamic character
What are the different types
of conflict?
Internal Conflict (this means in conflict with yourself)
character vs. self
External Conflict (this means in conflict with someone or something else)
character vs. character
character vs. nature
character vs. society
Analyze Cause
Marley dares Matt to visit Mr. Bataky.

Matt visit Mr. Bataky.
Discussion Questions
1. What does the narrator say are the two important things to know about Matt? Why do you think Matt is eager to prove that he is bad?

2. What does Matt expect will happen when he goes to see Mr. Bataky? What actually happens? How do you think Matt feels by the end of his visit?

3. What does mr. Bataky tell Matt during his second visit? What effect do Mr. Bataky's words have on Matt?

4. What is Mr. Bataky's reaction to the bad things Matt has done? What does Matt's reaction suggest about his personality?

5. What is Matt's central conflict?Is his conflict internal or external? How is his conflict resolved?

6. Matt's friends seem to think that "it's good to be bad." How does the end of the story suggest that Matt has stopped believing this?
Beginning of Story
End of
Physical Traits
Habits/ Behaviors
Light blond, shoulder-length hair
takes all dares
believes he is bad
Words to know
Words to know
Point of View- who is telling this story?
Look for "pronouns" to help you to determine who is telling the story

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