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Music Appreciation Class Introduction

No description

Todd Stalter

on 16 August 2018

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Transcript of Music Appreciation Class Introduction

As we learn about the different elements of music, we will learn to listen and relate to Western art and popular music, and indeed all musics, in a brand new way.
Which will make things much more interesting...
So, there will be some of this...music by dead European dudes who wore wigs that you may of heard of before but had zero patience for.
"Eine Kleine Nachtmusik," K. 525, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (also known as "Serenade for Strings in G Major," composed in 1787)

Movement I: Allegro
So...what do we do in here every day, anyway?
We are concerned with investigating everything about music, and finding out
it is...
does it...
it's meaningful to society and to ourselves...exposing ourselves to things we've never heard before...and deepening our connection to it, thereby making our relationship with music more personal and profound.

And, we have a little fun with music, too...
Of course, music is one of the most
adaptable and personal of all art forms...
So you will be exposed to unfamiliar music, and opportunities to hear familiar music through different "ears" than usual...
Bottom line?...
You will learn a great deal, and enjoy this class a lot, if you follow these simple steps:

#1 In our class, music is sacred...when music is playing , we are all silent so that each person can freely listen, relate to, and understand what they are hearing. Everyone deserves the chance to have the aesthetic experience when it presents itself...the coolest thing about it is that you never know when it will happen!!

#2 When I am teaching, you are working with ME, not on another teacher's assignment. Your full attention is needed, and required.
And for all you GPA obsessed people
in here...
You will get a great grade if you simply do what is required of you...just the simple act of paying attention in class and taking notes helps a lot.

My purpose is not to overload you with homework/busy work/discussion guides...this is presented more like a survey class. Do the stuff with your best effort, and turn in what is required ON TIME.

Plenty of in-class graded activities will help offset the unit exams and biographies.

On to the Syllabus!....
You will never listen to music the same way again.
Music Appreciation (MUS 150)
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