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Wind Chimes of the World

This prezi will show you the different wind chimes from all around the world. :)

Alicia Maree

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Wind Chimes of the World

Wind Chimes
of the World
These wind chimes are made from bronze or plastic
They have brightly coloured wind catchers
The hanger is cone-shaped and have small bells as the chimes
The striker may be a small ball
The Tibetan people use these wind chimes as Prayer Bells
What are Wind Chimes?
Wind chimes are an arrangement of small pieces or tubes that hang loosely. When the wind catches the piece called the wind catcher, the tubes or pieces clink together to make pleasant sounds. They can be made from wood, metal, ceramics and glass. They can be used as religious items or decorations and are found all over the world.
Parts of a Wind Chime!
Wind Catcher
Base/ Platform
These wind chimes are made from terracotta: a reddish-brown, unglazed earthen-ware pottery
The chimes are shaped like bells with small spheres hanging off them
Bells are positioned to form a spiral
This wind chime has a glass dome with pictures (usually flowers) painted onto it
All japanese wind chimes have a message hanging from a string that is attached to the dome.
Glass wind bells are called 'Furin'
They can be made from glass or ceramics
They are used as decorations hung in the corners of temples
Korean wind chimes are made from copper or bronze
The piece hanging off the bell is always fashioned into a fish because fish never stop moving
They are smaller versions of the huge bells you find in Buddhist temples
They are used as decorative elements, usually found in temples
Australian wind chimes are mainly made from wood or metal or both
The hanger can be made from ceramics, glass, wood or metal
These wind chimes don't have a certain design and every one of them is different
When struck, they play notes, creating a kind of song
They can be found anywhere: in homes, shops and can be sold as souvenirs
This Peruvian wind chime is called a Fish Gourd
It is made of wood and is hand-carved
It has seven bells on it and creates a soothing sound
Each gourd is skinned, cleaned and sun-dried before they carve and burn the intricate designs on them
They are used as decorations
Different Wind chimes!
Sounds of a Wind Chime!
Wooden Wind Chime!
Metal Wind Chime!
And That's The
Wind Chimes
Of The World!
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