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Canada prezi

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Megan W

on 6 April 2017

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Transcript of Canada prezi

Quebec, a province located in South East Canada, and that is lead by it's Prime Minister, Phillipe Coullard, has a total population of 8, 007, 700 people. Quebec borders New Foundland and Labrador, and Ontario. Quebec has has a large french population of 54, 490 people (0.7 % of the population.) that still stands strong today.French Canadians, (Franco-Folies), who's footprints trace way back to the 17th century, were French settlers who settled in Canada in 1604, and Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec in 1608. French canadians have a distinctive accent that can be told between France and Canada. Canadians tend to use more informal words, whereas french tend to use formal words
Quebec's national flower
The Iris Versicolor, also referred to as the blueflag, Harlequin blueflag, and many other names, is the national flower of Quebec . The Iris Versicolor is most commonly seen in the east of Canada in sedge meadows, marshes, on steam banks and shores. The distinctive flower has six petals and sepals and grows anywhere from 10 centimeters 80 centimeters high. Usually a light to deep blue color( purple is common too), the flower's blooming season is from May to July. The Iris versicolor, has replaced the Madonna lily, which is not as native anymore. The juice of the flower has been brought up as poisinus to animals and humans and can cause dermititis. An all, the Iris Versicolor is a beautiful plant, that attracts many beings.
The northern lights of Nunavut
Famous Gilles Archambault
Gilles Archambault, born 1933 in Montreal, and died in 2011, was a famous novelist who did his studies at the Universite de Montreal in 1957. Gilles started his career advertising as a photographer/illustrator. After over 100 book covers and illustrations designed, Gilles switched guidance in 1979 to dedacate himself to painting. Watercolor painting to Gilles was a passion for many years. In 1963, Gilles wrote one of his many books, "Une supreme discretion" meaning: "a supreme discretion" in french. From 1963 to 1992, Gilles worked at Radio-Canada. "Jazz soliloque", his show, is still today a resource on the go. Gilles Archambault was a very talented man that is still today a man to look up to.
Baffin Island
Quebec's french population
Nunavut, a territory located in the north of Canada, is a territorrie known for its aurora borealis, also known as the northern lights.The Northern lights are best sighted throughout the dark winter months when vibrant colors frolic in the sky The aurora borealis is a spectacular show to watch. This occurs when charged particals evacuate the sun during a solar flare, and tresspass the Earth's shield and strike with atoms and molecules in the Earth's atmosphere causing the beautiful lights of the aurora borealis. These lights can often be different colors such as green, purple, and other colors too.
Popular Pastimes of Nunavut
Nunavut has many "hobbies" or popular pastimes that include whale watching, dog sledding, hiking, and many more.
When Whale watching, the most commonly sighted whales are the Snowy white Beluga, unicorn like narwhals, and the massive bow head. Although, in the 19th century the tusks of the narwhals were thought as belonging to unicorns
Over time, snowmobiles have replaced dog sledding, but it is still a fun activity to experience. Dog sledding can be usefull in many ways, it is used as a hunting transportation, many dog sledding races, and tourist activities.
There are limitless trails, valleys, and other fun sites to visit but one of the best areas to visit is Auyuittug National Park, and in particular, Mt. Thor.

Located in Northern Nunavut, Baffin Island is an extremely lonesome island that covers 507, 451 square kilometers. The population is an approximate 11,000 people. Baffin Island gives visitors a chance to see the northern lights, experience dog sledding, and kayaking between ice flows. Also, Baffin Island is included as the 5th largest island in the world, and the largest in Canada.
To the south of Baffin island, is where a body of water separates Quebec from Baffin Island.
Baffin Island has an utterly cold climate, with enlarged winters, and short summers. An average tempeture in Nunavut is 17 degrees F.
Baffin Island has lots of wildlife such as caribous, polar bears, arctic wolves, lemmings, and arctic foxes
By: Megan Weaver
period 1

Whale watching in Nunavut
The Iris Versicolor
Gilles Archambault
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