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Peter Two Imagery

No description

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Peter Two Imagery

In the short story "Peter Two" by Irwin Shaw, the author uses imagery to show Peter's incomprehensible night
Author's Purpose
"Mrs. Chalmers was
kind of fat
her hair was pretty blonde
and her
complexion was soft and pink
and she always
looked as though she had been in the beauty parlor all afternoon
By Jun Ho Park & David Chang
Peter Two Imagery
By using imagery, Irwin Shaw can accurately describe the scenes and help the audience immerse in the intense moments
"Then there was some hammering and the low, animal sound of the beast in the cave that you never heard over the air, and then he threw the door open"
Using imagery, Irwin Shaw helps the readers envision what Peter experiences throughout his traumatic night.
"The next time he heard the scream there was moaning and talking at the end of it, and the sound of fists beating on the front door."
We can hear the beating
Imagery gives the
writing a sensory experience
The growl and animal noise can be heard through the reader's mind giving more description and helping the readers immerse in the story
Thank you

The Five Senses Used in Imagery
Vision - Imagery can be used to help the readers vision the scenario as if they were witnessing it themselves
Hearing - The correct choice of diction allows the audience to hear what is happening
Touch - Words such as
help the audience immerse in the story and feel the texture being conveyed
Smell - Food or other objects described in the story lets the reader smell the aroma through imagery
Taste - The distinguishable sense of taste can be relayed to the reader's mind through imagery from words such as
Without imagery, a story wouldn't have the same effect as it does to the audience
Imagery should give the audience a
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