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The effects of Anthrax on the human body.

Abby Hengen

on 1 November 2010

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Transcript of Anthrax

Anthrax By Abby Hengen Wanted For:
Mild, painless blisters
Headache Fever Swollen Lymph Nodes Muscle aches Sore throat Loss of appetite Vomitting Cutaneous Inhational Gastrointestinal Oropharyngeal 4 Types: Inhalational Caused By The Bacterium: Bacillus anthracis Cases in humans are RARE, but it could happen... it's happened before. In 2001 there were 22 cases of Anthrax in the U.S., mostly in mail carriers and those who handled mail. People thought it was because of Bioterrorism. Terrorism! Ah! It's referred to as a biological weapon. and everyone should be seriously concerned! Found on all continents, except antarctica. Mentioned in the bible referred to as the "Plague" It's the oldest disease found in cattle and sheep. How Old Is It? so... it's old. oropharyngeal Loius Pasteur was the first to discover an effective vaccine (1881) (Known as the "Ames Strain") Robert Koch was the first to identify the virus German scientist & physicist 1875 His work sparked the idea that diseases could be caused by miscrobes. Later went on to win a Nobel Peace Prize (Physiology or Medicine) in 1905 for his discovery of Tuberculosis Given to infants 4-6 months old in high risk countries Gastrointestinal anthrax accquired by eating contaminated food found in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East Symptoms: occur 1-6 days after exposure to spores ulcers, loss of appetite, vomitting, sore throat, fever Accquired by breathing in spores Spores enter through the chest tissues. They soon multiply and enter the bloodstream. After this occurs, it is now considered "full blown," therefore difficult to treat. This takes several days to occur, however. Inhalational Anthrax Cutaneous Anthrax Accquired by a break in the skin: direct contact with the spores Begins as a small, sometimes itchy bump Incubation period is about 5-7 days Incubation period: time it takes for a disease to develop. Soon becomes black in the center Syptoms: (Besides the blisters) Sore throat Fever oropharyngeal Anthrax
Caused by eating contaminated food Symptoms: Severe sore throat Fever Difficulty swallowing Ulcers on the base of the tongue (within a week of exposure) Treatment! Treatment needs to be Prompt-the sooner the safer. Will be treated with:
penicillin, doxycycline, or ciprofloxacin Prevention Currently, a vaccine is available-
Only for high risk individuals!
Not yet offered to the public. This is the DEADLIEST form! Least common! Syptoms often resemble the flu, except (!) shortness of breath. Ames Strain '01 Verdict: Moderately Annoying Verdict: armed and dangerous Verdict: mild and annoying Verdict: Moderately dangerous
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