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Effects of Exercise

No description

Toby Mackereth

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Effects of Exercise

Identify some different physical activities that your person could undertake
I believe it is very achievable for Harry. My program involves progression and starts off easy as Harry hasn't done much exercise. All of the activities are easily accessible for Harry which will be good as he may not have heaps of time. If Harry puts his mind to it he could easily become fit and healthy.
Identify how much exercise you think this person does
Harry does no exercise. He has once played a game of tennis, which wouldn’t be enough to keep him fit. At the moment it seems he may think he doesn’t have enough time to do any exercise as he is a teacher.
Do you think that this is enough exercise?
Harry doesn’t do enough exercise at all. He has opportunities to do exercise but he is not taking them. At his age he needs to do exercise or he could become extremely unhealthy.
Is it achievable for them and why?
Effects of Exercise
Harry could do many things to be active and healthy. To start of I think he could eat healthy. He could also do some stretching. Stretching will improve his capability to keep doing exercise. Harry lives close to a tennis club and his wife is involved with it. It would be easy for him to start playing some social tennis games maybe once a week. He enjoys golf. When he plays a game of golf he could walk around the course instead of taking the buggy. Harry also lives close to a heated pool. I think he could go to the pool once or twice a week and progress into some harder workouts. Finally I think a slow walk or jog around the block could be good for Harry’s fitness.

Research some benefits from your case study undertaking your exercise program
There will be many benefits for Harry once he has done my exercise program. Hopefully he will choose to keep going on with it so he can get the best results. Since Harry has done no exercise for a long time my exercise program will help with a lot of things starting off with his heart. Harry has a high blood pressure so he needs to have easy routines that will help it to go down without raising it to dangerous levels. The swimming in my program will be good to make his heart rate go up and make his heart stronger. Nearly all of the activities will be good for Harry's lungs. They improve the efficiency of lungs and its capacity. By improving his lungs it will improve the efficiency of oxygen to his muscles giving him more energy. I believe Harry would really benefit from my exercise program.
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