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Why Propel Leadership?

No description

Propel Leadership

on 26 October 2011

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Transcript of Why Propel Leadership?

What do you do? Propel Leadership is a leadership development training firm. We are a turnkey solution for best-in-class leadership development workshops with an enhanced focus on learning sustainability. Common Client Objectives Transform good leaders into great ones
Create a culture of courage, candor and engagement
Elevate performance above the status quo
Train technical experts to be great leaders Best-In-Class Content Partners Why Propel Leadership? Propel Leadership is about moving people, performance and results forward. We don't monkey around with cute, ineffective, pet programs.

The litmus test for our work is:
Sustainable Our Approach We combine best-in-class content with engaging facilitation to create a rich learning environment

We focus on the 80/20 of effective leadership Our Services Facilitated Workshops
Facilitator Certification
Services on Retainer
Leadership Development Content Learning that Sustains
(a.k.a "Transfer of Learning") Our simple, online goal accelerator system ensures that participants continue to engage with their learning long after the workshop is over. ROI The Propel Leadership Approach is... Simple
Effective To learn more, contact us at:
p: 206.734.4717
e: email@propelleadership.com
w: http://propelleadership.com The Three Keys of
Optimized Leadership Development Content Facilitation Sustainability Best-in-Class World-Class Learning that Lasts
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