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Trench Warfare and Battle of Somme

No description

Alfredo Perez

on 8 February 2017

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Transcript of Trench Warfare and Battle of Somme

British- 420,000
French- 200,000
German- 434,000-500,000
One of the bloodiest battles in human history.
Battle of Somme
Effects of Trench Warfare
In nearly three years, neither side gained much ground on the other.
Caused many deaths which caused commanders to think of other ways to attack the enemy.
What is Trench Warfare?
Trench Warfare is a war tactic that was most commonly used on the Eastern and Western Front in WW1.
This tactic prevented either side from advancing.
Trench Warfare and Battle of Somme
By:Alfredo Perez

When and Where was it Used?
It was most commonly used on the Western Front front.
Was first majorly used in WW1.
Took place from July 1-November 18 1916 and was between the British, French, and German forces.
On both sides of the of the Somme River in France.
Largest battle of WW1 on the Western Front.
Importance of The Battle of
Notable for the use of air attacks and the first use of the tank.
Mid-point of t he war
Caused enormous loss of life for little territorial gain
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