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Copy of Effective Social Media Management: Presentation for Kura Hulanda Resorts

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Eric (Ric) Starost, MBA

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Effective Social Media Management: Presentation for Kura Hulanda Resorts

Effective Social Media Management
Kura Hulanda Resorts
By: Karen Attiah and Gaby Lieuw
What Social Media is....And Isn't
BUT: Social media is not a "silver bullet"
---social media outreach takes time, and must be a part of a solid, consistent marketing vision.
Social Media Is Storytelling!
What makes Kura Hulanda
What does Kura Hulanda
do well
What type of
does Kura Hulanda want to attract?
What sort of
does Kura Hulanda offer

to guests?
Why is
a great place to spend a vacation?
Social Media Platforms
Review Sites
Basics of Facebook "Pages"
Allows users to subscribe to status, photo/video updates
Facebook Insights can provide useful statistics
Facebook Apps
Users can comment on your content
Social Media Best Practices
Managing Positive/Negative Visitor Reviews
Managing Multiple Social Media Platforms
April 10th, 2013
Basics of Twitter
Allows users to create "status" updates of 140
Users can also post photos and videos on Twitter
Users can Follow your account and retweet your messages
High Quality Photos Work Wonders!
Best Practices for Twitter
Do use Hashtags!
It is okay to ask followers to retweet you
Include links in your posts, but make sure to shorten them!
Do interact with customers on Twitter!
Do promote awards and recognitions
Do use a friendly, approachable tone!
tweet inconsistently!
make an interesting profile description
Do follow other
hotels, travel orgs,
Curacao businesses,
automate posts from FB.
500 Million Users Worldwide on Twitter
Social Media is Increasingly Crucial to Hotel and Travel Industry
7 out of 10
travel brands surveyed in a 2012 survey report that
social media has generated more direct bookings
In a 2011 World Travel Market report,
of travel companies say they
revenue from social media efforts.
Travel Marketers in a 2011 industry report said that on average,
social media efforts reduced PR costs by 24%.
Users spending more
time on social media
Why do users choose to follow
hotel/travel brands on social media?
Where do people get travel
ideas from on social media?
How are travel brands
responding to social media?
What is the return on investment in social media?
According to a Sheraton report, 64 percent use social media to make their travel plans-- within the 25-34 year olds, the number is even higher; 76 percent look to popular social media sites to plan their vacation.
30% of travelers who use social networks ask trip-planning advice from their networks.
55% of Facebook users use the site to get travel advice (Bank Of America Merrill Lynch, May 2011)
Scenario #2: Responding to TripAdvisor
In 2011, direct referrals from Facebook (8%) led to
more actual hotel bookings
than TripAdvisor and other review sites (4-6%). **
Scenario 1: Planning Status Updates
Always put correct info on the
profile page!
Always put correct
info on the "About" page!
Choose interesting, colorful, and
high quality images
that tell your story.
Avoid small, blurry, poorly lit
Use this space to add
further contact details
(email, Twitter, telephone, etc)
Don't be afraid to engage with users!
Ask for likes/shares for an outcome.
Helpful to thank
people for support
in achieving goals
Facebook Engagement with Customers
Users sharing content with their networks
increases the visibility of your brand
(But Captions are also important!)
Interesting captions also help
to catch attention
Scenario 3: Questions Via Social Media
Timely response to a

Timely response to a

3 events going on at the Kura Hulanda properties in the following week:

Wine tasting at Astrolab in collaboration with the Wine Factory.
Time: 7-11 pm

German couple Heinrich and Steffi’s wedding is taking place on the premises of the Hotel, the ceremony starts at
5 PM,
followed by a cocktail reception and dinner for their 35 guests at
7 PM
(let’s assume you have their permission to use pictures for social media purposes)

: BBQ on the Beach, starts at
4:30 pm

What status updates would you post on the various social media platforms over this week?

1) Determine which platform you would place the update on (ex. Facebook, Twitter etc.).

2) Fill in as many updates as you think are optimal (there is no minimum or maximum amount).

3) Will you include photos? Indicate which updates will include images and describe (shortly) of what the image would be.

"The Kura Hulanda Hotel is a charming property in downtown Willemstad, the location is very central and the architecture is just lovely. We were welcomed warmly at the reception upon arrival, the staff was very helpful and friendly – so was everyone we met on the island! Our room was huge, with two queen sized beds, a beautiful open bathroom with a stand-alone tub/shower, floor to ceiling French doors/windows throughout, a TV, safety deposit box, hairdryer, plenty of closet space, bathrobes, large towels, and so on. We explored both Punda and Otrobanda by foot and used their shuttle service to travel to the Lodge on the west side of the island to go snorkeling at their private beach. The next time we visit Curacao we’ll definitely combine our stay with a couple of nights there as well, such a unique hotel experience!"
What is your response to this review?
We had a very disappointing stay at the Kura Hulanda Lodge, from the terrible service in the restaurants to the moldy rooms that don’t get thoroughly cleaned or even look like they have gotten a lick of paint in years. Aside from the service in the restaurant being slow every time we went for breakfast there we were required to clear our own dishes from the table before sitting down. It took forever to get what we ordered and we had to ask for everything multiple times before getting served. This is definitely not what I would expect from a location listed as one of the “Small Luxury Hotels of the World” – Kura Hulanda and Curacao will NOT be seeing us again.
What is your response to this review?

Dear sir/madam,We will be arriving on Sunday April 28th and staying at your hotel for 1 week. We would like to book a group appointment for manicures, pedicures and massages for 5 people at your spa on Monday April 29th. We are flexible with regards to the time of the appointment, as long as it takes place before 4 PM as we will all be heading to an event that evening. I look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards, Helena
@kurahulanda Hi, I was checking your dive shop's prices online, however the list is dated 2012. Are this year's prices available and if so where? Thanks!
How would you respond to this question?
From Twitter:
From Facebook:
How would you respond to this question?
Scenario 4: Pictures Worth Sharing
Where do people get their ideas for Social Media?
Are there benefits to social media? Yes!
Don't Forget the Basics!
Effective use of social media can help hotels and other businesses connect with customers, guests and other organizations and build your brand.
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