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Speed and Velocity

No description

Mr. Duke

on 25 February 2012

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Transcript of Speed and Velocity

A car traveling at 68 mph
(usually written m/h).
Speed is the
at which something moves.

of an object is the distance it travels over a certain amount of time.
The speed of the Milky Way galaxy is about 600 km/s.
Examples of speed:
How do you calculate speed?
Speed =
For example, a cyclist travels 30 kilometers in 2 hours, and so her speed is 15 km/hr.
Speed =
30 km
2 hr
15 km/hr
How do you calculate speed?
Speed =
Speed and
Set world landspeed record in 1997: 763 mph.
Thrust SSC:
Instantaneous speed
is the rate at which an object is moving at a given instant in time.

Example: Car speedometer (60 mph right now)
How do you calculate speed?
Speed =
Total distance (d) = 100 km + 50 km = 150 km

Total time (t) = 1 hr + .5 hr = 1.5 hr

Average speed (v) = =
100 km/hr
describes only how fast an object is moving

gives both the speed
direction of the object's motion

60 km/hr
60 km/hr North
What's the difference?!?
150 km
1.5 hr
2 Types of Speed
average speed =
total time
total distance
Average Speed
is the total distance traveled (d) divided by the total time (t).
Example: You drive 100 kilometers over an hour, then pull over to eat. When finished eating, you drive another 50 kilometers which takes you half an hour.
Calculate the speed with which a sprinter runs, in meters per second, if she can cover 100 meters in 10 seconds.
Speed of sprinter = 100/10 = 10 m/s
A lion chasing a gazelle across the plains of Africa covers a distance of 400 feet in 30 seconds. If the gazelle is running at a speed of 13.5 ft/s will the lion be able to catch it?
Speed of lion = 400/30 = 13.3 ft/s
The gazelle is too fast!
1 tire rotation = 3 ft
The time is takes for 1 rotation = .034 second
3/.034 = 88 ft/s
88 ft/s = 60 mph
time = distance / speed
distance = speed x time
How to calculate time and distance
What if the time for 1 rotation = 1 second?
3/1 = 3 ft/s
3 ft/s = 2 mph
You run 4 kilometers over an hour, then you stop for a break. You continue your run for another 6 kilometers which takes you an hour and a half. What was your average speed?
total distance = 4 km + 6 km =
10 km
total time = 1 hour +
1.5 hours
average speed =
10 km
/ 2
.5 hours
= 4
How long does it take Cory to walk to school if he lives 2,000 meters away and his speed is 2 m/s?
time = 2,000 / 2 =
1,000 s
How far away from school does Joe live if it took him .5 hours to walk to school at 5 mi/h?
.5 x 5 =
2.5 miles
Speed or Velocity?
42.3 m/s

16 km/sec downhill

17 km/min South

12.5 km/hr
23.9 m/s

17.31 Northeast
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